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Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Husband is into Voodoo (3) Preview

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"Thanks, sweetheart, for accepting me. For being my wife. You don't know what a happy man you've made me," said BJ. We were in our chalet at the Obudu Mountain Resort, some distance away from Calabar, the state capital.

 We had arrived the splendid Resort that evening to spend part of our honeymoon.

 "I should thank you for saving me from that womanising Jamie. If I had married him, I would have ended up sharing him with so many others," I stated.

 "Enough of that jerk. Have I told you how pretty you look in that?" he said, drawing close to me.
 I had just showered and wore a thin strapped red nightie, cut so short, it left most of my thighs bare.
 "Hmm. So sexy. I feel like tearing it off you," he stated softly, his eyes assessing me, from my thighs to my bust, accentuated by the low neckline design.
 "And waste such an expensive gown?" I said, smiling.
 "I can buy a 100 more of that if you so wish," he responded as he grabbed my hands and drew me close in a tight hug. Then, holding the bodice of the gown, he began to rip the flimsy fabric all the way down to the hemline.

 The gown fell off my body, leaving me naked. His eyes full of desire, roamed all over me, lingering on my breasts. His hands cupped them, with his thumb stroking my nipples lightly, making me hot all over...

To be continued tomorrow. Don't miss it!

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