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Saturday, January 30, 2016

My husband is into voodoo (2)

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It sounded tempting. I needed a break from all the hassles of work. Besides, there was all the shopping I could do, the clothes, shoes and other stuff I could buy to resell back home...

I was about to accept the offer when I remembered Jamie. I had almost forgotten about him. What would he think if he finds out? Jamie was a very jealous guy and there would be trouble if he heard I had travelled out of the country with another man.

"My fiancé would kill me if he finds out," I said, declining the offer.
"Who's going to tell him? Definitely not me!" he stated with a wry smile.
"You know such things have a way of getting out," I stated.

  We talked far into the night and it was nearly four in the morning when BJ dropped me at home.

"I really like hanging out with you. Hope I can see you on my return from my trip," he said.
"Ok," I replied, alighting from the car.

  While BJ was away, I was busy with work and time flew by. I also made plans to visit Jamie in Abuja as it was his birthday and we had not seen each other for months. I didn't tell him I was coming as I wanted it to be a surprise.

I called him very early on the day to wish him a happy birthday.

"I have a special birthday gift for you, darling. It should arrive before the end of the day," I said.

"What's it?" he enquired.
"Be patient. It will soon arrive," I told him.
As soon as I hung up, I rushed to the bathroom to shower. I had to get ready quickly as I had a 10 o'clock flight to Abuja to catch...

The big surprise
On arriving Jamie's house in the capital city, I knocked on his front door with the intention of saying, 'surprise!' as soon as he opened it.

There was no response. Jamie was not in the living room when I got in. On the centre table was a large birthday cake in cream and blue colours.

'Somebody is celebrating,' I thought with a smile as I looked round the room for my fiancé.

"Jamie! Honey, I'm home!" I called out. Still no response. Hearing some voices in the bedroom, I headed there.

Opening the door, I stood transfixed at the scene that met my eyes.

There was Jamie, my fiancé in bed with not one but TWO ladies!

"Oh, my God! What's this?" I screamed.
They all looked up. Jamie who was butt naked and banging away on top of one of the women, jumped up from the bed. There was a look of of shock, disbelief and something else I could not fathom on his face that would have been comical if the situation wasn't so terrible.

"Oluchi..." was all he could say, approaching me in an entreating manner.

"Jamie, how could you?" I thundered at him.
"I'm sorry. Really sorry..."
"Keep your sorry!" I shouted then turned to the ladies who were busily scrambling into their clothes.
"And you two! Get out! Out! Bitches! Scumbags!" I shouted at them, ready to rush at them if they delayed for one second...

Back in Lagos, I tried to put the horrible incident at Jamie's place behind me. He had apologised profusely, saying it was a mistake and declaring that such a thing would never happen again. Though I relented and forgave him, I could no longer trust him. It left a deep scar on my heart.

Shortly after, BJ returned from his trip and invited me out. I was happy to hear from him; besides, I needed some cheering up after the Abuja fiasco so I accepted.

BJ and I saw regularly over the next few weeks. We went nearly everywhere- the cinema, restaurants, parties, church, the beach. He loved swimming and would spend a long time in the water without getting tired.

"Are you sure you were not a fish in a former life?" I asked teasingly one afternoon. We were at a secluded beach on the outskirts of the city. It was not as well known as Lekki beach or some others close to the city, so was often empty of beach goers even at weekends.

He had just come out of the water and was dripping wet.
"I just love the water. It helps me de-stress," he explained, grinning. He looked so handsome in his swimming trunks with his hair all wet and shining that my heartbeat quickened.

I looked quickly away in the horizon wondering of I was falling for him. I found him extremely attractive and if it was not for Jamie, nothing would have stopped me from going for him.

"It's so peaceful here. I wish I could stay here forever," I stated with a sigh as I watched the waves softly lapping at the shore and the coconut trees by the beach front swaying in the gentle breeze from the ocean. Except for a few fishermen who were mending their nets, we were nearly alone on the beach.

"Why don't you then?" he asked, gazing intently at me.
"That's not possible. What about my job?"
"Marry me and you won't ever need to work again," he said. His words took my surprise.

"You are joking, right?" I asked.
"I've never been more serious in my life," he stated.
He knelt by me on the sand and holding me by the shoulders said:

"Oluchi, I'm in love with you. I feel so happy when I'm with you. And I feel my life will only be complete with you by my side."
"But, BJ, you know I'm engaged! What about my fiancé?" I queried.

"Is it not the same guy you say cheats on you? Why do you stay with a man like that, one who doesn't have any respect for you?" he asked.

I had earlier told him about the incident in Abuja.

He was right about that though. Was it foolish of me to remain with a man after what he did to me? Shouldn't I have dumped him as Isabel had suggested when she heard what happened?

"Once a cheat, always a cheat," she had said, advising me to dump Jamie and go for BJ.
Now, here was BJ proposing marriage. What was I to do? From all indications, I was already falling for him.

"You don't have to give me an answer now. Just think about it, ok?" he said. He pushed my hair form my face, his long fingers caressing my cheeks and lips. His lips parted mine and we kissed, a slow, sensuous kiss, unmindful of the stares from the fishermen on the beach...

"Will you come with me on a trip abroad?" BJ asked. It came out of the blue, quite unexpectedly.

To be continued... 

He explained that it was a business trip that will last two weeks and he needed company.

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