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Saturday, January 02, 2016

He's Good In Bed Unlike My Husband (3)

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From my lips, his mouth trailed down my neck, to the low neckline of my dress, while his hands fondled my breasts through the thin fabric, making my nipples stand erect. I drew him closer to me, wishing I could feel those tantalizing lips all over my body.
 We were both so engrossed totally in ourselves we forgot all about Jovi. That was until his whining voice broke the spell.

 "Mummy, I want another ice cream!" 

 I disengaged myself from his warm embrace, feeling a bit shaky but quickly composed myself and turned to my son. He had been in the living room watching a cartoon and feasting on his ice cream while Lari and I had been in the kitchen. What if my son had not interrupted us, perhaps we would have ended up making love right there in the kitchen. So intense was the strong feelings we had for each other.

 "You've had enough for today. You will have tummy ache if you eat too much of it," I said, wiping his lips smeared with ice cream with a paper napkin.

 "There's more in the fridge. My sister Anita, who has a sweet tooth, buys a lot of it whenever she comes from school. That girl lives practically on ice cream, doughnuts and chocolates," he stated. But I insisted Jovi had had enough and we had to start getting home...

 After that encounter, I did not see Lari for some time as he was out of town on a business trip. I tried to get him out of my mind, knowing the implication of getting involved with him. But it was difficult. He intruded on my thoughts every minute even when I was with my husband. All I could think about was the feel of his lips and his hands on my body.

 "Dear, you've been so quiet all day, hope there's no problem," said my husband Robby. We were in the bedroom, preparing for bed.
 "I'm fine. I guess I'm tired," I replied, slipping into bed. 
 "Maybe you should stay home tomorrow. Your girl, Miriam can take care of the store," he said. 
 "I've to be there to supervise her. You know I just got delivery of new goods," I explained.

  "Alright. But don't overwork yourself. I don't want anything to happen to my darling wife," he said. He gave me a quick kiss and turning over, soon began to snore softly.
 I lay in bed for a while, unable to sleep, my thoughts consumed with thoughts of Lari; the incident in his kitchen, the feel of him and the effect he had on me. I never felt that way with my husband. We had a good relationship, and while he took good care of me and our son, I never had any intense sexual feelings for him.
 And it had been that way from the beginning from when we first met to our marriage about eighteen months later. Truth was, I loved my husband but I was not in love with him. Sex with him was nothing special. Most times, he would just climb on top of me, do his thing and roll off to sleep. He often left me unsatisfied, unfulfilled, longing for more.
 His touch did nothing for me.
 He did not arouse such intense feelings in me that Lari did with just a look from those wonderful eyes of his. 

 What was I going to do about him, I wondered as I drifted off into a restless sleep...

 At the store
 I was at the store alone, one afternoon taking inventory of the stock when my mobile rang. 
 It was Lari, calling to inform me he was back from his trip.
 "I missed you," he said softly. Hearing his voice again made me realise how much I missed him. But I was not going to tell him.
 "I got something for you. A gift," he added.
 "What is it?" I asked curiously. 
 "You have to come and get it," he responded. When I told him I was busy, he stated:
 "You don't look too busy to me."
  I was near the front and I looked up surprised, to see him standing in front of the store, smiling at me through the glass doors, his phone stuck to his ear.
 We sat chatting at the back of the store where I had my little office.

  "So, when is your girl coming back?" I had sent Miriam on an errand earlier.
 "Why do you ask?" I said.
 "We need to go somewhere; there's something I want to show you," he stated.
 "She will be back soon," I told him, wondering what it was I needed to see.
  He was telling me about something that happened during his trip to Benin when my girl returned. We left soon after.
 To my surprise, he drove to his house and as he parked the car, I turned to him.
 "Lari, what are we doing here?"
 "Why don't you come and find out? Are you afraid of me?" he asked in a teasing tone, looking intensely at me in the confines of the car, a smile curving his lips.
 "Why should I?" I said boldly, though as I followed him into the house, and remembering what happened the last time I was there, I wondered if it was a wise move returning.
 "So, what do you think?" Lari asked, placing the painting on a hook on the wall so it could be viewed in all its glory.
 "Wow, this is beautiful! What a surprise. You never gave a hint you were painting me. It's really lovely, much finer than the original," I said gazing at the painting, which was of me. He had captured me in the blue gown I had worn on my last visit to his place. There was a little smile on my lips, as if amused by something. It was so detailed and precise, it was like a picture of me.

"I disagree. The original before me is hotter," he stated emphatically.
"Thanks for the painting, Lari. I love it. But I can't remember posing for you. So, how did you get all the details about me?" I asked him.
Turning me round by the shoulder to face him, he said softly:
"It was easy because I have a mental picture of you, ingrained in my brain. Jummi, what have you have done to me? I can't stop thinking about you," he stated, cupping my face in his hands.

"Lari," I intoned as he kissed me softly on my eyes, nose and then my lips. I relaxed in his arms, and held him tightly to me. I knew then there was no need fighting this love, this need that I had for this man, who was not my husband.
 Right there in the living room, Lari undressed me and took me to his bedroom. 
 "Your tummy is so flat, your body so firm. So beautiful. One will never know you have had a baby," he said huskily as he laid me on the bed. 

His lips and hands on my body were like fire that lit up the dormant feelings in me that the years with my husband had nearly buried. As if sensing that, Lari took his time, caressing my breasts, teasing my nipples with his lips till I nearly screamed with desire for him.
Then as his hot lips trailed down my stomach to my thighs, I opened up to him, to receive his hardness in me, to be consumed by desire, by passion that had been lacking in my life for years...

To be continued...

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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