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Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Husband is into Voodoo (3) Preview

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"Thanks, sweetheart, for accepting me. For being my wife. You don't know what a happy man you've made me," said BJ. We were in our chalet at the Obudu Mountain Resort, some distance away from Calabar, the state capital.

 We had arrived the splendid Resort that evening to spend part of our honeymoon.

 "I should thank you for saving me from that womanising Jamie. If I had married him, I would have ended up sharing him with so many others," I stated.

 "Enough of that jerk. Have I told you how pretty you look in that?" he said, drawing close to me.
 I had just showered and wore a thin strapped red nightie, cut so short, it left most of my thighs bare.
 "Hmm. So sexy. I feel like tearing it off you," he stated softly, his eyes assessing me, from my thighs to my bust, accentuated by the low neckline design.
 "And waste such an expensive gown?" I said, smiling.
 "I can buy a 100 more of that if you so wish," he responded as he grabbed my hands and drew me close in a tight hug. Then, holding the bodice of the gown, he began to rip the flimsy fabric all the way down to the hemline.

 The gown fell off my body, leaving me naked. His eyes full of desire, roamed all over me, lingering on my breasts. His hands cupped them, with his thumb stroking my nipples lightly, making me hot all over...

To be continued tomorrow. Don't miss it!

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

My husband is into voodoo (2)

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It sounded tempting. I needed a break from all the hassles of work. Besides, there was all the shopping I could do, the clothes, shoes and other stuff I could buy to resell back home...

I was about to accept the offer when I remembered Jamie. I had almost forgotten about him. What would he think if he finds out? Jamie was a very jealous guy and there would be trouble if he heard I had travelled out of the country with another man.

"My fiancé would kill me if he finds out," I said, declining the offer.
"Who's going to tell him? Definitely not me!" he stated with a wry smile.
"You know such things have a way of getting out," I stated.

  We talked far into the night and it was nearly four in the morning when BJ dropped me at home.

"I really like hanging out with you. Hope I can see you on my return from my trip," he said.
"Ok," I replied, alighting from the car.

  While BJ was away, I was busy with work and time flew by. I also made plans to visit Jamie in Abuja as it was his birthday and we had not seen each other for months. I didn't tell him I was coming as I wanted it to be a surprise.

I called him very early on the day to wish him a happy birthday.

"I have a special birthday gift for you, darling. It should arrive before the end of the day," I said.

"What's it?" he enquired.
"Be patient. It will soon arrive," I told him.
As soon as I hung up, I rushed to the bathroom to shower. I had to get ready quickly as I had a 10 o'clock flight to Abuja to catch...

The big surprise
On arriving Jamie's house in the capital city, I knocked on his front door with the intention of saying, 'surprise!' as soon as he opened it.

There was no response. Jamie was not in the living room when I got in. On the centre table was a large birthday cake in cream and blue colours.

'Somebody is celebrating,' I thought with a smile as I looked round the room for my fiancé.

"Jamie! Honey, I'm home!" I called out. Still no response. Hearing some voices in the bedroom, I headed there.

Opening the door, I stood transfixed at the scene that met my eyes.

There was Jamie, my fiancé in bed with not one but TWO ladies!

"Oh, my God! What's this?" I screamed.
They all looked up. Jamie who was butt naked and banging away on top of one of the women, jumped up from the bed. There was a look of of shock, disbelief and something else I could not fathom on his face that would have been comical if the situation wasn't so terrible.

"Oluchi..." was all he could say, approaching me in an entreating manner.

"Jamie, how could you?" I thundered at him.
"I'm sorry. Really sorry..."
"Keep your sorry!" I shouted then turned to the ladies who were busily scrambling into their clothes.
"And you two! Get out! Out! Bitches! Scumbags!" I shouted at them, ready to rush at them if they delayed for one second...

Back in Lagos, I tried to put the horrible incident at Jamie's place behind me. He had apologised profusely, saying it was a mistake and declaring that such a thing would never happen again. Though I relented and forgave him, I could no longer trust him. It left a deep scar on my heart.

Shortly after, BJ returned from his trip and invited me out. I was happy to hear from him; besides, I needed some cheering up after the Abuja fiasco so I accepted.

BJ and I saw regularly over the next few weeks. We went nearly everywhere- the cinema, restaurants, parties, church, the beach. He loved swimming and would spend a long time in the water without getting tired.

"Are you sure you were not a fish in a former life?" I asked teasingly one afternoon. We were at a secluded beach on the outskirts of the city. It was not as well known as Lekki beach or some others close to the city, so was often empty of beach goers even at weekends.

He had just come out of the water and was dripping wet.
"I just love the water. It helps me de-stress," he explained, grinning. He looked so handsome in his swimming trunks with his hair all wet and shining that my heartbeat quickened.

I looked quickly away in the horizon wondering of I was falling for him. I found him extremely attractive and if it was not for Jamie, nothing would have stopped me from going for him.

"It's so peaceful here. I wish I could stay here forever," I stated with a sigh as I watched the waves softly lapping at the shore and the coconut trees by the beach front swaying in the gentle breeze from the ocean. Except for a few fishermen who were mending their nets, we were nearly alone on the beach.

"Why don't you then?" he asked, gazing intently at me.
"That's not possible. What about my job?"
"Marry me and you won't ever need to work again," he said. His words took my surprise.

"You are joking, right?" I asked.
"I've never been more serious in my life," he stated.
He knelt by me on the sand and holding me by the shoulders said:

"Oluchi, I'm in love with you. I feel so happy when I'm with you. And I feel my life will only be complete with you by my side."
"But, BJ, you know I'm engaged! What about my fiancé?" I queried.

"Is it not the same guy you say cheats on you? Why do you stay with a man like that, one who doesn't have any respect for you?" he asked.

I had earlier told him about the incident in Abuja.

He was right about that though. Was it foolish of me to remain with a man after what he did to me? Shouldn't I have dumped him as Isabel had suggested when she heard what happened?

"Once a cheat, always a cheat," she had said, advising me to dump Jamie and go for BJ.
Now, here was BJ proposing marriage. What was I to do? From all indications, I was already falling for him.

"You don't have to give me an answer now. Just think about it, ok?" he said. He pushed my hair form my face, his long fingers caressing my cheeks and lips. His lips parted mine and we kissed, a slow, sensuous kiss, unmindful of the stares from the fishermen on the beach...

"Will you come with me on a trip abroad?" BJ asked. It came out of the blue, quite unexpectedly.

To be continued... 

He explained that it was a business trip that will last two weeks and he needed company.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

My husband is into voodoo (1)

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Looking at him, no one would ever suspect that BJ my husband is anything other than the perfect picture he presents to the world. Sophisticated, modern, urbane, a total gentleman...

 But as Shakespeare said, 'there's no art to find the mind's construction on the face,' so there was no way I could have known that behind that beguiling smile of his, lies a very dark heart, well hidden from the world. A heart that's as deadly as that of a rattle snake.

 By the time, I found out, it was almost too late for me. So, how did I end up with such a man? Please read my story to find out...

A stressed banker
Our paths crossed while I was working in a bank. I was in the marketing department which was not an easy section to be as we were most times given targets running into millions of naira as deposits from customers to meet. The pressure to meet up targets was intense, causing a lot of stress for us in the section.

 I had gone out one day to see a prospective client, a rich businessman based at Lekki, Lagos when I met BJ.
 My client, Mr Goddy introduced us stating:
 "Oluchi, it's a good thing you are here. You need to see BJ. He's the kind of client you are looking for. He has a lot of money to deposit in your bank."

 "Ahh! Goddy! You know I'm just struggling to come up to your level," he protested, laughing.

   But Mr Goddy scoffed.

 "Don't mind him, Oluchi. Make sure you take his contact before he goes," he said, turning to me.
 I studied the guy closely. He looked in his thirties and was simply dressed in a grey T shirt and jeans, with a pair of brown sandals on his feet. He didn't look like someone who had money, at least not the kind of high net-worth individuals we usually hustled for deposits.

 However, I still took his card, promising to call him later. But I didn't contact him as I was busy chasing after other clients who looked more promising.

 Then one day, I was in the office when I was told I had a visitor. At the reception, I saw a very well dressed man, a stranger I had not seen before.

 He then introduced himself and that was when it clicked.
 "I'm really sorry, sir. I didn't recognise you," I apologised. In his well cut suit, designer, expensive looking shoes and other accessories, BJ looked really different from our first meeting. 

 More high net-worth kind of look, I thought. I was impressed and quickly invited him to my office, a small cubicle which I shared with Isabel, a colleague.

 "I was expecting your call," he stated, gazing intently at me. I apologised blaming pressure of work for not calling.
 "It can get really hectic in here," I explained.
 "So, what can I do for you, sir?" I asked eagerly, praying silently that he really had lots of money as Mr Godwin said. 
 I really needed a wealthy client to meet up my target that month as my boss was on my neck to deliver. The pressure for deposits was becoming really intense and some who failed to meet up were being shown the way out like a colleague who was sacked the previous week.

 I didn't want to lose my job as there was too much at stake. He smiled, showing white, even teeth that contrasted nicely with his coffee brown skin.

 "First, stop calling me sir! It makes me feel old. The name's BJ," he said.
 "Alright. BJ," I stated. I didn't care whatever he wanted me to call him as long as he had enough money to deposit.
 He then invited me out, stating we could discuss business over dinner. What choice did I have but to accept. He took me to a nice Chinese restaurant at Ikeja, Lagos. We had a great time. And what made the date even better was that BJ agreed to deposit a huge sum of money with my bank.

 I kept thanking my stars that night for bringing BJ my way. The best thing about it was that I didn't even have to hustle for it. Unlike what I went through with some of my other clients to get them to deposit money such as doing a lot of leg work, cajoling, sweet-talking and other means (like being told to either sleep with them or no deposit), BJ had brought himself to me.

 I had underrated him because of his appearance the first time we had met, but he ended up surpassing so many of my other wealthy customers.

 That night, I slept soundly for the first time in weeks, having not only met my target for that month, but even overshot it with the deposit from BJ.
 Besides, I had made a large amount as my commission and that gave me a lot of satisfaction.

 I did not hear from BJ again for nearly a month. I was a bit disappointed because I had felt a connection with him. It wasn't just that he was very rich (though that didn't hurt), but he seemed a decent kind of guy.

 It was not just me alone for he had also made a deep impression among the ladies in my office who kept asking after him. That too was not surprising as most rich men always made an impression on most of my deposit-hungry colleagues!

 Even Isabel was encouraging me to date him.

 "Girl, don't let that guy slip through your fingers," she said one morning in the office while munching greedily on a doughnut.

 I looked up from the computer screen on my desk where I had been working.
 "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.
 "For one thing, he's loaded, a multi-millionaire. He's good-looking too and a sharp dresser..."
 "So?" I queried.
 "Is that all you can say? What more do you want in a guy?" she wondered.
 "All he did was take me out to dinner. He hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend, not that I'm interested anyway,"I pointed out.
 She sighed.

 "Maybe you didn't encourage him. Some guys need that to make a move," Isabel noted.

 "Aren't you forgetting something! Jamie," I stated emphatically.

 Jamie was my fiancé of over five years. He worked in a government agency in Abuja while I was based in Lagos. It was not easy for us being in a long distance relationship but we kept in touch by phone and also tried to see each other as often as possible.

 "I know you love Jamie. But Oluchi, can you trust him to remain faithful being so far away in Abuja?" she said.

 I assured her my fiancé loved me too much to mess around with other ladies.

 "That shouldn't stop you from keeping BJ close to you. He's a big fish that most girls would love to hook," she advised.

 I had told Isabel I was not interested in BJ romantically, but that did not stop me from feeling excited when he called one evening after work.

 He explained he had been out of the country on business and wanted to take me out again. I smiled to myself after the call, pleased that he had missed me.

 That weekend, I went out with BJ again. This time, he took me to the cinema. We later attended a dinner party that was held in a swanky hotel on Victoria Island that he had been invited to.

 It was a nice evening and I didn't want it to end. Later, we took drinks at the poolside of the hotel, chatting and taking some snacks.

 It was a balmy night with a cool breeze blowing from the lagoon nearby. That night, BJ told me a bit of his background. It was a grass to grace story that really touched me (more of that later).

 As he spoke, my mobile rang. It was Jamie. We spoke for a while and as I hung up, I felt a little guilty. He thought I was at home in bed, not realizing I was out on a date with a rich customer of my bank.

 "How's your man?" BJ asked.
 "He's ok," I replied.
 "He's such a lucky guy. I envy him," he said.
 "What's there to envy?" I asked curiously.
 "Because he has something precious, something I would love to have but is currently unavailable," he stated, his eyes boring into mine. They were mesmerizing eyes that seemed to draw me into them and I found it difficult tearing my eyes away.

 "I'm sorry, I don't understand," I said, though I knew quite well what he meant.
 He smiled a little.

 "I bet you do. You should know by now that I like you. I'm not looking for a fling. I can get that from anywhere. I want something  deeper, more meaningful."
 I shook my head.
 "You know that's not possible. I..."
 "Yes, I know. Jamie, your fiancé. But even with that, maybe you can create a little space in your heart and life for me. Is that too much to ask?"
 I thought about it for a while.
"I will try," I stated with a coy smile. 
 "You look so sweet when you smile like that. You should be smiling more often, you know," he said.
 I laughed, feeling really relaxed and happy.

 He then leaned forward and taking my hand in his said softly:
 "Oluchi, I've a proposal for you. Will you...?"


 What's BJ's proposal all about? Log on tomorrow for the juicy details!

 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

At War With My Best Friend Over My Affair With Her Dad (3)

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It was after I joined that my eyes were opened to what the members of the group were really up to. They were more like high class 'call girls' than anything else.  

They dated all kinds of men, mostly wealthy older men- powerful politicians, businessmen, top professionals- and the like. As long as they had plenty of money, the Pink Panthers were game.

Not just that, they were into blackmail, extortion and all kinds of rackets as long as it brought in money. And lots of money, these girls had and in all kinds of currency- dollars, euros, rands and much more. 

Before I knew it, I was sucked into their activities. Unlike some of the girls in the group who were from poor backgrounds, I did not join because I needed the money. The same with Thelma, whose father is quite rich.

I come from a comfortable background- my father before his death some years ago was a medical doctor while my mother used to work in the bank before she resigned to start her own food supply business. Even after my father's death, we did not lack anything.

So, why did I stay with the Pink Panthers knowing what they were into? Perhaps, it was peer pressure, youthful exuberance and adventurous spirit, I can't say. 

All I know is that I loved being with them and participated fully in their nefarious activities. Thelma was our leader whom we all looked up to. She was the one who brought most of the 'deals' we did. 

Like the time she got a 'contract' to arrange some girls for the birthday party of an ex-governor of one of the 'oil rich' states in the country. It had been a two city event, taking place both in London and Dubai. I was among the girls selected for the party. We had each been paid thousands of dollars for our 'work' of entertaining the governor's guests apart from the numerous gifts we got.

So, I'm surprised that Thelma is threatening to expose my secret past to her father when she was fully involved too!

Anyway, back to my story. As they say, you can't serve two masters as one will definitely suffer. As I became more involved with the activities of the Pink Panthers, my studies suffered. I was no longer attending lectures regularly and missed tests and in one case, examinations because I was out of the country on a 'job'. 

My 'carry-overs' accumulated and my GPA kept falling. Strange as it may sound, I did not care. I was too deep in my extra-curricular activities with the Pink Panthers and having too mush fun to care about my studies. 

But, unknown to me someone cared; infact, that I graduated with a decent degree is largely due to the woman I will call Dr Fran who was one of my lecturers.

Having noticed that my grades were falling, she summoned me to her office one day and told me to either start taking my studies seriously or I might be kicked out of school.

I would have ignored her advice and gone on with my old careless lifestyle except for a chat I had with my mother later that day. 

She had called on phone and we had been talking about my late father whose death anniversary was coming up when she said something I will never forget to this day.

"I hope you are studying hard my dear, so you can come out in flying colours. One of my happiest days in life will be your graduation day when you receive your degree. I'm sure your father will be very proud of you and will be looking down from wherever he is," she had stated. 

My mother was blissfully unaware of my escapades in school and I wanted it to remain so. I knew she would be heartbroken if she knew what her beloved daughter was up at school.

I think it was the mention of my Dad that did the trick. I remember his love and words of encouragement back when I was younger. What will he say about my life now, I thought. He would definitely not be happy. I think it was that thought and my lecturer's words that marked the turning point in my academic career.

After that, I began to pay more attention to my school work. My class attendance improved and I did my assignments promptly, much to the surprise of my lecturers. Gradually, I distanced myself from the Pink Panthers, an action that drew the ire of the other members especially Thelma.

"Once a Pink Panther, always a Pink Panther," were her words when I renounced my membership. I did not care. It was my life; she had no right to dictate what I could do with it, I had told her back then. 

Despite their threats to deal ruthlessly with me, I forged on, changed my lifestyle and threw all my energy and zeal into my school work. By graduation time, my grades had improved and I left school with a degree I was not ashamed of...

Decision time
Now, some years later, my past has caught up with me. By trick of fate, Thelma's father has fallen in love with me and wants to marry me. And Thelma has declared war on me, not minding our past close relationship. 

With my mother's encouragement, I have been giving serious consideration to Uncle Luke's proposal.
After all, as she pointed out, I had no serious suitor and was not getting younger so why not give the man a chance as he obviously cared about me so much, she had said when we discussed the matter.

"The man is wealthy and he will take very good care of you and any children you will have. Is it not better to consider him rather than wait endlessly for what you think is a more suitable suitor? You know at 32, age is not on your side," she had said. 

Truth is, I liked him a lot and he has been so good to me. But what will happen if I marry him with Thelma's attitude? She might create problems for me in the marriage. 

Luke however, does not see her stance as a problem and has been telling me to ignore Thelma.

"What matters is us, being together. Thelma is just being difficult. Just ignore her," he said.

How can I do that when she is threatening to expose my past life to him? Will he still want me if he finds out I was a former 'runs' girl? 
Or should I confess to him about my dirty past? So, because of my past, am I no longer worthy of a man's love? I'm in a dilemma right now and I need advice.

The End!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

At War With My Best Friend Over My Affair With Her Dad (2)

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Thelma, my bosom friend had been threatening to reveal details about my past if I did not leave her Dad alone.

To me, she is simply over-reacting. In the first place, I have not even accepted her father's proposal. I still remember how surprised I was when he had unexpectedly popped the question. 

It was one evening after I had finished my lessons with Joy. As I was heading out towards the gate of the large compound, someone had called my name. It was Uncle Luke, Joy's father. 

"I see you are through with my daughter for today. Where are you off to now?" he asked when he came up to me. I told him I was heading home. I had another lesson at a house not too far away but it had been cancelled as the boy was indisposed.

Uncle Luke offered to drive me home as he said he was free. On getting to my house, I thanked him for the ride and made to get down. But he stopped me and said he had something important he wanted to discuss with me. 

It was then he opened up, that he loved me and wanted me in his life as his wife.
"As you know, my wife died about ten years ago and I have been all alone with the children. I have not remarried, for one main reason- I have not seen any woman that I feel can replace my late wife in my life. 

That was until you came. You might not have noticed it, but I have been watching you all this while you've been coming to the house to teach Joy. 

The truth is I love you Sonia and I want us to be close. I know the age difference might be a turn off but don't let it be a hindrance as I want you to be my wife," he said. 

His words came as a real surprise. I had known that he liked me as he always loved to stay and chat with me any time I was at the house. 

But I never suspected it was deeper than that! Anyway, that day, he told me not to give him an answer straight away, but to take my time and think carefully about his proposal.

I don't know how Thelma heard about the proposal as I definitely did not tell her about it. Perhaps it was the Dad or from another source. Anyway, some days later, I had gone to the house as usual to give Joy her lessons for the day. 

We were working when Thelma came in. I was happy to see her as she had been out of town on work related matters but as I greeted her, I noticed her countenance. 

She did not respond to my greetings. Instead, she started shouting at me, calling me all sorts of names such as prostitute, gold digger who wants to use charms and 'love portion' to marry her father. 

My explanation that it was nothing like that, that it was her Dad who was pleading with me to marry him fell on deaf ears. 

"Go and look for your own man! My Dad is not for you! Prostitute! Thief!" she had ranted. For good measure, she had said I should never show my face again in the house or she would do something terrible to me.

Of course I ignored her threat. Who was she to tell me to stop teaching Joy when she was not the one that employed me in the first place, I reasoned. 

Besides Uncle Luke, on hearing about the quarrel between his daughter and I, was very apologetic the next time we saw.

"I don't understand that girl! What's her business with whom I want to settle down with or not. And to think both of you are friends! Dear, just ignore her, ok? She's just being childish and maybe jealous. With time, she will come round," he stated.

We were at a 'pepper soup' joint close to my house. He had invited me over so we could chat and 'get to know each other better' as he stated.

We had a nice time that day and I accepted when he said we should see over the weekend. 

I did not see Thelma for some time until about two weeks after our encounter. I had gone to the house as usual and Joy and I were almost finishing for the day when she arrived home from work.  

She immediately began attacking me.
"What are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay away from my house!" she stated furiously.

"As you can see, I'm here for Joy's lessons," I stated calmly.
"Lessons my foot! Sneaky bitch! I know what you are up to and it won't work! My Dad will never marry you! 

As from today, you are fired so stop coming to teach my little sister. It's just an excuse for you to attach yourself to my father," Thelma said, her voice dripping with scorn.

"Fired?" I rejoined, adding, "Who are you to fire me? The last time I checked, your Dad who employed me has not told me to stop coming. Until he does, I'll keep coming!" I informed her.

"Do that and see what I will do to you," she threatened angrily. "After all the atrocities you committed back in school, you now want to come here and pollute this family with your evil ways? Witch!" she shouted at me.

I simply laughed at her, picked up my bag and walked out. Look at who is talking about atrocities, I thought, fuming. 

'A girl who was so notorious in school, her story is still being talked about many years after we graduated,' I grumbled as I stood outside the gate of their house, waiting for a cab.

Truth was when her Dad initially proposed, I had had no interest in marrying him. I liked the man for his kindness and sense of humor but were those enough attributes for marriage?   

Besides, he was rather too old for me. But from the way Thelma was taking the whole thing, I might change my mind, go ahead and marry him and let's see if the heavens will fall!

So what if I had a past. Who does not have one, including that Thelma threatening fire and brimstone if I married her Dad. Pot calling kettle black, I thought grimly...

A tainted past
Thelma and I became friends in my second year at the Uni. She was one of the most popular girls in school and always had a group of friends hanging around her wherever she went. 

They called themselves 'The Pink Panthers' and it showed in their dressing, which always had some element of pink in it. 

They were all very attractive girls and they always drew attention wherever they went on campus. While I admired them, I stayed clear of them as I wanted to focus on my studies instead of cat walking all over the campus.

I became close to the Pink Panthers through one of my roommates Elo. Her cousin was Thelma's second in command and she often came to our room to see her. 

Soon, I started moving with them and became a Pink Panther myself a short while later. It was after I joined that my eyes were opened to what the members of the group were really up to...

To be continued…

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