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Friday, December 11, 2015

'She took my son away, claiming I was not the father' (3)

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As you can imagine, I was in a very bad state of mind that period, not knowing where my boy was or his mother's intention of taking him away like that. What could she be up to, I kept wondering.
Some days after my son's disappearance, I was contemplating reporting the matter to the police when Julia called me on phone and dropped the bombshell that has turned my world upside... 
"There's something very important I need to tell you, Sunny. So, you need to calm down and stop shouting! My ears are beginning to ache!" Julia said. 
"Calm down, you say! You go to Eddy's school and virtually kidnap him, hide him for days and you are not even remorseful! What kind of woman are you?" I said angrily. I was really mad at her. It was a good thing, we were not physically together, or I am sure I would have done something bad to her.
"Look, Sunny, I can't keep up with this charade anymore. It's time you learnt the truth. About Eddy," she said.
"What are you talking about? Hope you've not done anything to my boy!" I warned her.
"Eddy's fine. The thing is, I've taken Eddy to his real home, to his father," she stated.
"What rubbish are you babbling now, Julia? Are you drunk or what?" I said.
"I know I drink. But I'm sober now. I know you'll find this painful, Sunny, but the truth is, you are not Eddy's father!"

Julia's confession was like a bomb that shattered the fabric that held my life together. It was a vicious blow below the belt, one I have not recovered from over a year after the incident. Initially, I refused to believe Julia was serious about her claims concerning Eddy. I thought she was simply playing some kind of sick game with me.
But when the initial uproar had died down, a DNA test was conducted which confirmed that Eddy was actually not mine! Imagine the shock of finding out that the boy I had raised for over eight years with such love and care, expended so much on, turning out to belong to another man!
"It was the result of a fling I had while you were away in Abuja for that ministry contract, where you stayed for over a month," Julia had stated calmly.
What hurt more than anything was that she knew all along that Eddy was not my biological son, but she kept it a secret all these years. What kind of woman does that? A devil woman, a Jezebel you might say and you will not be wrong.
The only consolation in this messy situation is Eddy. The boy, though so young is very smart. 
Despite what had happened, he still calls me 'Daddy' and told me something sometime ago that eased some of the pain in my aching heart.
"No matter what happens, you'll always be my father. Today and forever. I love you Daddy!" 
Indeed, Eddy and I have a special bond, that no DNA test can break!
The End!

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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