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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Seasons Greetings to My Wonderful Readers, Visitors nd Followers!

Hi, everyone!
This is wishing all my readers compliments of the season. Hope you all have a wonderful time this festive period and beyond.

Its been two months since the inception of this blog and it's been exciting running it.

Actually, this blog started purely as an accident. It was never planned. What happened is this-I've been writing this romance/ relationship column in The Nation Newspaper, Lagos, Nigeria (where I work as a journalist), for about four years now.

Right from the inception of the column, initially titled 'True life stories' (later changed to 'Escapades of fun loving city ladies' at the suggestion of my editor), it has been very popular with readers who always look forward to our stories each week (it's a weekly column).

One day, a reader, who is a big fan of my column suggested I should start a blog where I can post my stories both old and new, that people will love it. 

It made sense because a lot of my readers always request for past stories they missed to be sent to them via email. With a blog, they can always get such stories in the archives section.

Despite that, I was still skeptical at first about starting a blog. Ok, the column was doing very well in the print version with thousands of readers each week. But will an online version get any readership, especially in Nigeria where there are so many blogs already, with many abandoned midway due to low number of visits and lack of content?

I went to the Online department of my office and discussed with David Lawal, our Online Journalist and Social Media guru, who was equally enthusiastic about the idea.
"It will work because these are the kinds of things people want to read about, instead of politics, wars and crime all the time. Many people are bored with such stories now," he explained.

  There and then, he began to work on the blog, designing and posting some of the stories I gave him. This was on the 18th of October, about two months ago. That first day, I was still skeptical about its acceptance, thinking in my mind 'nobody will visit the blog and the stories will just lie there unread.'

So, you can imagine my surprise when right from the first day, we started getting viewership, first in little numbers then it began to grow gradually. Today, we have hundreds of thousands of page viewership, with readers from all over the world (all the continents are represented), from many countries too numerous to mention. Suffice it to say, we have a truly global audience!

It's really humbling and encouraging knowing that what one is doing is read and appreciated by such a wide audience.

So, I say thank you once more to all the readers and followers of this blog who have been consistent with us right from the beginning and those who discovered us recently. I promise to keep you entertained with sizzling stories about love, relationships and other issues for as the saying goes, 'love makes the world go round.'

So how do we get our stories? That's a question lots of readers both online and print, have asked many times. 
I will explain that some other time in another post as I need to finish a new story I'm working on for our New Year series.

Just stay glued to us for more stories from our vast collection. And we cherish your opinion on our stories, so don't hesitate to contact us for suggestions and advice on how we can improve the blog.

Thank you! And do have a fun-filled and blissful holiday!

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Patience (blog author)

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