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Monday, December 28, 2015

My Young Wife And I (1)

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Vero explained the situation to me, all the while glaring at the girl.
"She keeps pleading to be taken to serve here, even after I've told her we don't have any space left."
I studied the young lady, noting how distressed she looked. I asked her name then I said to the receptionist:

  "It's ok, Vero. We can take one more person. Take her to admin, tell the manager that she can serve here," I said, turning to go to my office.
"Oh! Thank you sir! God bless you, sir!" she stated effusively, genuflecting.
"It's alright, Timi," I said, leaving the reception.

That was how Timi came to do her youth service programme in my office.
Some days later, I travelled to Lagos to see my family over the long public holiday. After my transfer to Port-Harcourt some years earlier, my wife had refused to relocate with me to the Garden City. 

  "You were transferred to Lagos from Calabar just three years ago and now you are moving again. I'm not going anywhere!" she had declared. I didn't blame her. Any woman would be tired of moving from one city to another like a nomad because of the peripatetic nature of her husband's job. In the past, she had always been supportive and understanding and had gone with me wherever my job demanded. But as she noted, this was one transfer too many.

  "Tolani has just settled in her new school and it won't be fair to uproot her now and move again," she had explained. Omos was our last child and was in senior secondary school. I had four children. Two of them, both boys, had left the university and were already working while the other one, another daughter was in her final year in the university.

  So, based on that, my wife and the family had remained in Lagos and I had gone to PH alone, living like a bachelor again. I visited them some weekends or during public holidays.
On my return from this last visit, Timi, the youth corps member I had accepted to serve in our establishment, came to see me.
She arrived with a 'thank you' card.

  "There was no need for this," I said, as I admired the hand made card.
"I had to sir. I was really desperate that day and you came to my rescue," she explained, smiling broadly at me.
"I couldn't bear to see a pretty lady like you looking so miserable," I said as I studied her closely. She was dressed in a nice blouse and black skirt and she looked more relaxed and calmer than she did on the first day I saw her.

  The following day, I had closed from work and my driver was taking me to my club at the Shell Residential Area, to unwind after the day's work. I saw Timi standing by the bus stop near our office and I told the driver to stop.
"Where are you going, Timi?" I asked from the car window.
She said she was going to see a friend at Rumuola before heading home. 

  "I'm going in that direction. We can drop you," I offered.
She got in and we drove off. Along the way, the friend she was going to visit called to inform her that she had to leave home for an emergency somewhere and she should wait for her at home. 
  On explaining the situation to me, I told her to come with me to the club and she could see her friend later.

  We spent some pleasant hours at the club. I chatted and drank with a couple of my friends who had just finished playing a game of tennis. I also played regularly but mostly at weekends. I loved to play golf too at the nice golf course on the posh estate belonging to a top oil company where the club was located.

  After that, Timi, who loved to swim, expressed the desire to visit the club regularly to use the pool. I arranged membership for her and some evenings, after work, we would head for the club together. That was how we began to spend time together but as just friends.

  Friends to lovers
  At this stage, I just saw Timi as a young, pretty girl with a friendly, cheerful disposition. As a man, I found her very attractive but I never had any intention of getting entangled with her. But things changed about five months after we met. I had a very good friend, who was a top government official in the state. There was a day he held a party to mark his wife's birthday and I was invited. 

My wife could not come to PH that weekend and since I didn't have any date, I asked Timi if she could accompany me as my date.
She agreed and we attended the party together. She was dressed in a blue evening gown and looked very lovely.

  "She's beautiful. Is she your new catch?" another friend of mine, Calvin asked, as he watched her chatting animatedly with another guest. 
I shook my head.
"She's doing her NYSC programme in my office. She's just a young friend," I explained.
"Young friend indeed! Francis, you are talking as if I don't know you," he stated in a sarcastic tone.

"You think everyone is like you, that can't resist anything in skirts!" I fired back, moving away to chat with my host who I saw approaching...
After the party, it was quite late. I had given my driver the day off and since Timi lived in one of the suburbs, which was a bit far from the venue of the party, it was agreed she would stay in my house located in one of the GRAs (Government Reservation Area) that night. 

My houseboy, Johnson, who did the cooking, cleaning and other duties around the house, had slept when we arrived at my place. I showed her to one of the guest rooms and gave her some things she would need to make her stay comfortable.
I was in my room getting ready for bed when there was a knock on my door. Standing there was Timi. I noticed she was wearing one of the old T-shirts I had given her to sleep in that night. The top was short and it left her smooth, sexy thighs on display. I  quickly looked away from the tempting sight.

"Is there anything you need?" I asked her. 
"Actually," she began, then seemed to change her mind. Then she asked if she could come in.
I let her in, looking at her curiously.
I went to switch off the TV set and when I turned back, I could not believe the sight that met my eyes.

There was Timi standing there stark naked as the day she was born. By her feet was the T-shirt she had been wearing.
"What the...? Timi, what are you doing?" I queried, my eyes fixed on her tantalising body. She placed a finger on her lips, walked towards me and wound her arms round my neck...

To be continued...

What happened between Timi and the narrator that night? Log on later today for the sizzling details!

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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