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Thursday, December 31, 2015

He's Good in Bed Unlike My Husband (1)

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"I need to start going, dear. You know he will be returning from his trip this evening," I said as I quickly buttoned my blouse and picked up my handbag.

 Lari rolled over on his back, sighing.
 "Must you leave now, Jummi? The day's still young," he said. "Come here!" and reaching for my hand, drew me on the bed. I fell on top of him, laughing.

"Lari, stop it!" I stated, trying to remove his hand that had slipped inside my blouse.
 "I can't let you go yet. I still need you with me," he said. He quickly unbuttoned my blouse, slipped off my bra and began to caress my body. The feel of his hand on my breasts reduced my protests into a weak whimper that turned into moans shortly after.
That was the thing about Lari, my boyfriend of seven months. He always knew what to do to make me weak with longing for him.
He climbed on top of me, his nakedness setting my body afire and as his lips descended on mine, he said:
"Still want to leave?" 
"No, Lari. I want you!" and drawing him to me, began to kiss him hungrily...

Eight months earlier
"Miriam, how many times will I tell you not to ever argue with a customer? In this shop, the customer is king! Get that into your thick skull!" I remonstrated with my salesgirl.
I had just returned from Balogun market (on Lagos Island) to see one of my suppliers in respect of some goods, when I met her exchanging words with the customer, a bespectacled young man.
"Sorry, Ma," she said.
I ignored her and faced the man.
"So sorry, sir for what happened. My girl is new and can't operate the P.O.S yet," I explained.
It turned out he had wanted to pay for the items he had bought with his credit card but my girl had insisted on cash.
"It's alright. These things happen," the man stated amiably.
After making the payment, Mariam helped him take the bags of groceries and other items he had bought to his car at the car park.
"Do you stay in this estate? Can't remember seeing you here before," I remarked as I returned his card.
"You are right. I moved in just last week. I'm at Oniru Close," he disclosed.
"That's nice. Hope you will be patronizing us," I said.
"Will do that. You have a well stocked shop here," he remarked, his eyes glancing round my shop.
"Thanks. See you soon," I stated, as he left...

To be continued... Join us later today for the continuation of this story

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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