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Saturday, November 14, 2015

The returnee (3)

One evening, sometime later, Kolly was taking me home in his car after a visit when I decided to stop over at my friend, Grace's house. Grace owned a boutique which she operated on the side, alongside her regular office job. She had kept some stuff for me from the new stock she had taken delivery of from her partner in Dubai. There was a lady with her whom I had not met before when Kolly and I entered.
"This is Clara, a colleague at my office. She joined us not too long ago," she stated as she made the introductions.

Later, when Grace brought out the bag of clothes, shoes and other stuff, Kolly excused himself, stating he will wait for me in the car, 'to give you ladies the chance to shop to your heart's contents.'
The following day, Grace called me on the phone, stating she needed to see me urgently over a matter. "Come as soon as you close from work," were her words.
She was in her bedroom changing from her work clothes when I arrived.

"What was so urgent that it could not wait?" I asked as I sat on the bed.
"Something very important, that I think you need to know about," she said. Drawing a chair from a corner of the room, she sat down and began to speak.
"I hope you will take whatever I say seriously and not wave it off as the work of idle gossips," she said.
"Why all the mystery? Just go straight to the point," I stated impatiently.
What she told me spoilt my mood for the rest of the day and beyond.
It was about Kolly. After Kolly and I had left, she stated, her colleague I had met the previous day, had given her certain information about him; how he used to visit a lady living on her street called Jemima, that he even sleeps in her house sometimes and so on. She said she was surprised to hear he had a fiancé, considering the way he had been carrying on with Jemima.

"She said she heard that Jemima has been telling people that Kolly is her fiancé, that they will soon be getting married..." she stated when I cut in rudely:
"But that can't be true! Kolly is mine! I'm sure your friend is lying! Kolly can't cheat on me. He loves me!"
"I know he does," Grace said. "On the other hand, Clara is not the type of woman that peddles false stories about. She's a reliable person. If she says she saw them together, then it's for real."

"But, they are business partners; at least that's what Kolly told me. Sam, his friend confirmed it," I insisted.
"Well, they might be. But I've never seen where business partners sleep together unless they are lovers as well," Grace pointed out before adding:
"I think the best thing to do is to confront Kolly with this information. Let's see what he has to say about it."

I did as my friend suggested. The next time I saw Kolly, I told him what I had heard. To my shock, he not only denied the story, but accused me of spying on him.
"Erica, has it reached the stage where you send spies to monitor my movement? Can't I visit people anymore just because you are my fiancé? What will happen when we get married? Lock me up in the house and throw away the key so I can't interact with other ladies? Why can't you learn to trust me?" he stated furiously, clearly angry with me.

To douse the tension, I stated soothingly: "Honey, it's not that I don't trust you. It's just that the lady said you are always at her house. Even if you do business together, must you spend so much time together, including spending nights at her house?"
"That's the problem with you! You prefer to believe what others say than me, your own fiancé. If you can't trust me, then what's the essence of this relationship? I don't even know why I'm standing here bandying words with you over such a trivial issue. I'm out of here," he said, picking up his car keys and storming out of the house, leaving me all alone.

That night, Kolly did not return to the house. Normally, whenever I'm at his place, he always returned home from wherever he had gone to. I knew he was still upset over the Jemima issue. So, some days later, when we finally saw, for the sake of peace, I did not bring up the matter anymore.
Though, my suspicions were aroused, I decided to ignore all the talk about my fiancé and Jemima. Instead, I made up my mind to place my trust in Kolly. We settled our quarrel and everything went on as before. That was until one Friday night when I went to his house unannounced. I had forgotten a pair of shoes at Kolly's which I wanted to wear to a friend's wedding the following day.
I knocked on the door on my arrival. To my surprise, it was opened by Jemima, who stood there in a tiny towel, which barely covered her large bosom and left most of her legs bare...

To be continued...

Names have been changed to protect the identity of individuals in the story.

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