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Sunday, November 08, 2015

'I'm a high class prostitute, but my parents think I work in a bank!' (8)

"Honey, you are back! Welcome! But why the moody looks? Is there any problem?" I asked, standing near him.
"Yes. And you are the problem, Vanessa or Doris or whatever you call yourself! God! To think I was about to make such a terrible mistake, marrying someone like you!" he stated, glaring at me.

I took a step back, momentarily confused. 
"Baby, what's the matter? Why are you talking like this?" I said, reaching out to touch his hand, but he flung my hand away and said angrily:
"Don't touch me! Don't you ever come near me again! Slut!" 
 I cringed at his words, my heart thumping, wondering if he had found out my secret.

 "Ron, why are you acting like this?" I said, then turning to his friend, who had been silent all the while asked: "Desmond, what's going on?"
 "I think we should all sit down and sort this out like adults," Desmond said. We sat down then and for a while, no one spoke.

 Then, Desmond started speaking and with each word, my beautiful future life with Ron became more and more a mirage.
 First, he asked if I knew his girlfriend, Monique.
 I shrugged and lied that I had met her at the dinner party Ron had organised for his friends.
 "Are you sure that's the first time you've met her?" he persisted.

 Wondering what he was getting at, I nodded.
 "Yes. We met at the party and we got talking about.." I stated when Ron suddenly jumped up and shouted:
 "Desmond, you see that! I told you she will deny it. Liar! Your evil game is up!"
 "Ron, relax! Let me handle this," said Desmond. He opened a large brown envelope he was carrying and brought out some pictures which he spread on the centre table. I looked at the pictures and nearly fainted from shock. 

They were pictures of me and some of the girls in my group including Bibi, Sheila and Nikki. And Monique. They were taken some years back when Monique was still part of us before she broke away.
 The evidence was there before us and I knew I could no longer keep denying that Monique and I were old friends. But to save my skin, I kept bluffing.
 "Where did you get these pictures?" I demanded. 

"That's not the issue now. You claim you don't know Monique but she says she knows you very well, that you girls were very close in the past and even 'worked' together," he said. 
 I sat down, wondering how Monique could betray me in such a way after swearing to keep her mouth shut.
 As Desmond continued to speak, Ron just sat, glowering at me as if he could not bear the sight of me. The wife of one of their friends, Desmond stated, had overheard Monique and I talking in the bathroom about our past and told her husband on getting home.
 The husband had gone on to tell Desmond who had confronted Monique about it.
 "She had initially denied but after much pressure had confessed- about your lifestyle, sleeping with rich men including top politicians for money and stuff. Not just that. She also talked about the porn movie you girls made with some white guys in a hotel in town some years ago!"
 "Oh my God!" I cried, burying my face in my hands.

 Ron spoke then.
"Can you still deny it now? Your dirty secret is out Vanessa. You fooled and deceived me, thinking I won't find out the truth. But the game is up. No hiding place for you now!" he stated, his voice dripping with disgust. He was right; my deadly secret and sleazy past was exposed to the world and I could no longer continue to hide under the angelic mask I had been wearing all along. The mask had slipped off and I was naked.

 But I could not give up without a fight so I tried some damage control.
  Throwing myself at Ron's feet, I wept and pleaded with him for his understanding.
 "Please honey, I'm sorry. It was youthful exuberance and stupidity that made me do all those things. But I realized when I met you what a dirty life I had been living and I was ready to change for the better, to make amends so I could be a good wife to you!" I said, tears streaming down my face.

 "So, you wanted to be my wife after the sleazy life you have lived? I would have ended up married to a porn star and prostitute. Imagine if that tape comes out and the world sees my wife in it. How do you think I would feel or the effect on my imagine and reputation in society? What about my parents? Do you think they can walk down the street with their heads held high with the kind of wife their son married? You never thought about that; you were only interested in catching an innocent man to marry and become a respectable lady. God knows how many men you have slept with. 

 I just pray you have not infected me with any disease. My God, I blame myself for being fooled by your innocent looks and beauty!" he said, angrily walking around the large living room with his arms crossed across his chest.
 "Baby, I'm sorry! Please forgive me," I kept pleading over and over again. 
 Then he turned and pointing a finger at me said:
 "There's nothing to forgive. As of this moment, this relationship is over. We are done! The wedding is cancelled. We have nothing together anymore so I will advice you go up, pack your things and leave my house. Now!"

 The aftermath
That was how my relationship with Ron collapsed like a pack of dominos. After Ron kicked me out, I moved back to my old place which I shared with Sheila. My parents were sad at the news of my broken engagement. I did not tell them the real reason for our break-up and Ron too refused to say anything when they called him.

 For that, I am grateful to him. I plan to tell them about my life and escapades with men. But not yet. I need time to recover from losing the only man I have ever genuinely loved. Will I ever get another man like Ron who loved me so much but could not bear it on hearing about my terrible past? What was I going to do with my life now? Should I go back to my old ways or just focus on my business and hope for the best?

 Since my return home, Bibi and the others have been coming around with all kinds of offers for 'jobs'. The temptation is always there, to go back to prostitution for money. Afterall, that's what I have been doing for so many years and I'm used to. I tried giving it up for love and see where it got me. 
 Rejection and heartbreak.

That is my story. I hope readers will not judge me too harshly because of my lifestyle. In fact, you should feel pity for me because despite all I have acquired from this 'business' of 'prostitution', I'm not a happy or fulfilled person. Something is missing in my life and I wonder if I will ever find it. I had found it with Ron but since he dumped me, life has been empty. And meaningless. 
 Will I ever be happy again?

The End!

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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