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Thursday, November 05, 2015

'I'm a high class prostitute, but my parents think I work in a bank!' (3)

Jacques had told me that I should meet him by the poolside of the hotel so that was where I headed as soon as I arrived. A musical band, that played a few days a week by the pool was setting up its equipment at the other end of the pool. There were not too many guests yet and I looked around for him. He was sitting near a large royal palm tree and was in deep conversation with a girl. She was in a swim suit and seemed to have just got out of the pool.
I frowned and walked up to them.
On seeing me, Jacques rose to give me a peck on the cheek. I eyed the girl, who was very young and looked no older than 18. She must have got the message in my eyes which said, 'He's mine, keep off, little bitch!"
She hurriedly left and I sat down.
"A friend of yours?" I asked.
He shook his head.
"I just met her here. She came over to ask if I was waiting for someone and that she could keep me company if I was lonely," he explained.
"Be careful with those kinds of ladies. They are nothing but 'hustlers'. They will do anything for money. As a foreigner, they could even arrange to have you kidnapped for ransom," I bluntly told him.
"You don't say!" he exclaimed. "That girl looks too young and innocent to be involved in that kind of thing!"
"Ah! You are still new in town. Don't you know the more innocent looking they are, the deadlier?" I stated, adding: "Just be careful and stay clear of such ladies. Besides, I'm here so what do you need such dubious girls for?"
"You are right. Let's forget this, ok? What will you like to drink?" he said, turning to signal for a waiter who was passing by.
I placed my order and sat back in the chair, feeling smug. What I had just done was what we called 'protecting our territory' in our line of 'business'. You gave any potential competitor a bad reputation so as to eliminate her. We had to do that as the 'business' was becoming more competitive by the day. Each year, a fresh set of nubile young girls descended on the city, muscling in and wanting a piece of the action. I had lost a couple of very lucrative 'clients' to some of these girls. Jacques looked promising and I was not ready to take any risks.
Our orders including some snacks arrived and we sat chatting and drinking. In our earlier meeting, I had told him I was unemployed after been retrenched from the company I had been working with.
"So, what will you like to do now? Get another job?" he queried.
I shook my head.
"I don't want to work for anyone anymore. I prefer doing business. You make more money and you have greater control over your time," I replied. Truth was, I had never worked a day since I left school but there was no point telling him that, was there? It was none of his business what I did with my time.
 "As you don't have a job, how have you been coping with living costs and other expenses?" he stated, looking concerned.
 I shrugged, telling him I get by doing a little buying and selling and a 'little business here and there.'
 "Things must be tough for you, then," he noted.
 "Really tough," I concurred, nodding. I could see he was a caring person and I wanted to take advantage of that and 'use' him to further my interests. So, I fed him a lot of lies about myself and my situation, never once hinting what I really did for a living, that I was a high class hooker who sleeps with men for money and gifts. I gave him the impression that I was a decent, responsible lady who was just going through hard times, but with hope for a better future.
 We chatted for a while before heading to the restaurant for dinner. That night, I did not return home. I stayed with Jacques in his hotel room. He was a gentle lover, who cared about my needs unlike many of my customers who were only after their own desires. I reciprocated by giving him a good performance in bed. As he slid into me, I raised my hips to receive him fully, moving in the special way Madam Clara, our mentor had taught us to please our 'clients'.
I must have satisfied him a lot for the following morning, a Saturday, when I wanted to go home, he insisted I spend the weekend with him. When he went downstairs to get something, I called Sasha to tell her not to expect me till the following day.
"Wao! The guy must like you to want you around after the first night," she said. Usually, most 'clients' wanted us gone after sleeping with them, but a few would keep you longer depending on their whims.
Jacques gave me some dollars when I left him which when converted into Naira was a large sum of money.
He also gave me an expensive wristwatch as a 'token of friendship' as he put it. I knew he was a 'keeper' then and I ensured I made myself available whenever he needed me.
A dangerous lifestyle
I had been seeing Jacques for about three months when he visited me at home. I had one rule with my clients- I never took them home. I only broke that rule once, about two years ago and that was with Rafe, a guy I had been seeing and whom I liked very much. Then, he got married and decided he no longer wanted to have anything to do with me, a 'skanky whore' as he called me.
Before Jacques came for the visit, I had a chat with Sasha.
"He thinks I'm a poor and struggling girl. I need to get a large sum of money from him so I have to keep acting 'poor'. So, act as if this house, the cars and everything in it belong to you. You can say you got them from your father who is a wealthy business man. Mind you don't expose me or you will go and look for somewhere else to stay!" I said with a threat. Sasha agreed to back me up.
"Nice place your friend has here. Must be quite expensive," Jacques remarked on his arrival as I showed him round my home. I had earlier told him the house belonged to Sasha and I was 'squatting' with her. 
Sasha came downstairs just then and I introduced them. She had an appointment somewhere and she left shortly after.
"Your friend looks nice. You are lucky to have someone like her, at least letting you stay with her in this beautiful house," he remarked. 
You might be wondering why I allowed Jacques who seemed to have fallen for me, visit me at home, something that was against my rules. Well, it was for a very good reason. He had promised to give me a lump sum of money to start a business of my own. But first he wanted to know me better and to him, knowing where I lived was one of such ways.
Actually I had had the business in mind for a while and I had been saving some money towards it. That was until Jacques came on the scene and offered to bankroll it. You might be wondering why I wanted to start a business when I was making so much money from prostitution. The truth is, I need something to fall back on when I eventually 'retired' from doing this game. For no matter how much money I made from this 'job' I knew deep down it was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 
From the outside, my friends and I lived the good life with lots of money and assets that many only dream about. But the bitter reality was that there were just too many hazards and dangers that came with the 'business' which made me sometime wonder about my lifestyle and where my life was heading. I will talk about some of them later as my story unfolds.

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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