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Friday, November 06, 2015

'I'm a high class prostitute, but my parents think I work in a bank!' (4)

On the surface, I live an enviable life because of all the material things I have acquired.
Someone seeing me driving all over town in my choice cars and wearing such expensive, designer outfits would consider me a successful person who has made so much money at a relatively young age.
But do they really know what I had gone through to get to where I am? Do they know about some of the horrible things we see in our line of 'work', sleeping with different men for money? I have had my share of some nasty stuff in the six years or so I had been hustling.
There was the really bad case involving one very rich guy who was the son of one of these  bigwigs in the country. Another friend of mine Letty and I had got the job to 'entertain' the guy whom I will call 'Rich kid'.
When I heard the amount that we would be paid for the 'job', my eyes nearly popped out.
"N3m for just one night's work?"I had exclaimed when I heard the figure. 
The guy who had facilitated the 'job' had told me 'Rich kid' was extremely rich, that the amount was 'chewing gum' money to him.
"Just please him well and he's ready to spoil you guys with money," he assured Letty and I. 
If I had known what we would face with Rich Kid, I would not have gone near him for a million dollars. But that evening, as Letty and I had prepared for the 'job' we had been full of excitement, brimming with plans on what to do with the windfall we would get. As things turned out, we were in for one of the worse experience of our lives!

Sadist with perverted sexual needs
The evening with Rich Kid started off innocently enough. He was a good looking, charming guy and made sure we were comfortable when we arrived at his guest house.
It was later during the night when we really got down to 'business' that his true colors surfaced. He turned out to be a sadist who took immense pleasure in inflicting pain on others. He did not seem to be interested in normal sexual relations but in perverted activities. He had tied both of us up and flogged us continuously with some long whips. We kept screaming and begging him to stop but that seemed to excite him more. 
"Scream as much as you want. No one will hear you. This room is soundproof you know," he said as he continued with the flogging. When he got tired of that, he brought out some mean looking sex 'toys' which he used on us. He inserted a large one in my private part which he used to drill me so hard, I must have passed out from the immense pain I felt.
To cut a long story short, we left that place with lots of bruises and cuts looking like people that a truck had run over. Letty even sustained a broken arm from struggling with Rich Kid at a point in the proceedings.
She ended up in the hospital while I had to stay indoors for nearly two weeks to recover from my injuries. 
After we left, I kept thinking what if he had killed us? Nobody would known or cared. He was rich and influential enough in society with a powerful father behind him, to have covered up his tracks and nobody would ever have suspected him of committing murder. It was one hell of a risky job we took with Rich Kid and the experience with him showed the kind of risks we took in our line of 'work.' He had rewarded us handsomely even giving us a five thousand dollar bonus 'for being such good girls' as he put it, but was the money worth the horrible experience we went through that night with him?
I had been so traumatized by that experience, one of the worse in my 'career' that for a while, I had taken a break from prostituting. However, I had to eat and pay my bills and since it was the only 'job' I knew, I had to no option but to go back to 'work.' That incident took place over two years ago, but I still shudder whenever I remember it.
I'm writing all this to show that doing 'runs' is not easy, that it comes with a lot of risks and dangers. From the surface, we seem to have lots of fun, make plenty of money and have a good time. But its all a mirage. So, young girls out there thinking about following in my footsteps and those of my friends should have a rethink.
Besides the dangers, there were also the humiliating experiences some of our 'clients' put us through. 
There was for instance this very old man, I will call 'Baba' who we met some time ago. Baba was like 90 years old and almost senile. It was his birthday and his doting son who was also an elderly man had contracted us to give his aged father a good time on his birthday.
When I saw Baba looking so old with spittle dripping down his chin onto his clothes and his almost toothless grin as he leered at us, I almost ran from the room. But Bibi who was my partner for the job, restrained me.
"What matters is the money. Just think of that and endure it," she had whispered to me. Needless to say, Baba was no young stud and there was not much action that night except for 'kissing, romancing him and other stuff that I can't mention here because it's too disgusting.
I could not eat for days after that 'job' anytime I remember what we had to do with that old man. There have been so many other jobs like that that I had to grit my teeth and do just for the money. Over the years, I have grown hard and toughened up. Despite that, I can tell you that it's still a tough life doing 'runs' (prostitution).
Perhaps, it's that reason that I have been thinking about retiring from the 'job.' With the three million naira Jacques had given me, I intend travelling to Dubai and some Asian countries to buy goods and sell. I have already contacted some shops and boutiques that I can supply the goods to. My plan is to do 'runs' part-time until such a time that I would have made enough money and withdraw totally from the business of selling my body for money...

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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