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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

'I'm a high class prostitute, but my parents think I work in a bank!' (1)

(This series is about a young lady named Vanessa who lives a double life in the big city- by day, she passes for a respectable, professional lady while at night, she turns into a high class hooker who works the streets for money). Enjoy!

"Vanny baby! You are looking sweet! Where are you off to so early in the morning?" Sasha, my friend and flatmate inquired. She had just come in from an appointment with a 'client' and looked tired, like someone that had not had a sound sleep for days. Considering the person she had gone to meet, I was not surprised.
"Babe, as you see me so, na Abuja I dey face so o!" I replied in pidgin English, fastening the clasp on my small, portable travelling bag. 
"Abuja? Ha! Wetin dey? Babe, yarn me na!" she cajoled. She flopped on the sofa, kicked off her shoes and stretched out comfortably.
 "No time for that now. I have a 9 o'clock flight to catch and I'm running late. I'll call you once I get to Abuja." 
 Picking up my bag, I headed for the door. Sasha came out to see me off as I entered the cab I had chartered.
 "Call me when you arrive o!" Sasha said through the cab window. I waved and we set off for the airport.
 I glanced at the gold watch on my wrist that had been a gift from one of my clients. It was past seven. I had enough time to catch my flight. My phone rang then and I searched inside my handbag for it.
 It was Bibi, my very close friend, professional colleague and confidant.
 "Vanessa, where are you?" were her first words to me. That was vintage Bibi, no time for preambles.
 "Haba, Bibi! Your Mama no teach you how to greet your elders for morning?" I said teasingly. Though Bibi and I were born the same year, I was some months older than her and I never let her forget it.
 "Elders ko, greetings ni!" she rejoined. She told me the time for the 'job' that was taking me to the capital city had been rescheduled.
 "Moneybags just called to say he won't be able to see us till late today. Something to do with an important meeting tonight," she said. 
 I was to head to the hotel she was lodging as soon as I arrived the city, she stated, adding that Sheila was with her. 
 Sheila was the other girl in our small group with a mandate to succeed by what 'nature had blessed us with', in other words, our looks. More of the group later...

    Easy money
  The journey to Abuja was smooth. It was raining when we touched down and I took a cab to meet Bibi and Sheila who were already comfortably settled in their rooms in the posh hotel 'Moneybags' had booked us into.
 Before I tell you what went down with 'Moneybags' that night, let me give a brief intro into my life and those of my girlfriends.
 My name as you have already deduced is Vanessa and I'm a young lady in my 20s. I'm a graduate with a good degree from one of the Universities in the country. Bibi and I were school mates; we met in our second year and became friends. It was Bibi who introduced me into this 'business'. Before I started moving with her, I was a typical young, innocent girl, who did not know much about life and whose dream was to be a broadcaster when I graduated. 
 But Bibi put all those ideas out of my head.
 "Look at you. You are young, pretty with the whole world before you. Why waste all that, and give yourself so much stress working for peanuts after leaving school when you can make more money through 'hustling'. Besides, there are no jobs these days. So many graduates are out there searching endlessly for non-existent jobs. My dear, there are better ways of making it in this country. Stay with me and I will teach you the ropes!" she had said.
 Maybe it was curiosity or just youthful exuberance for I started hanging out with Bibi and her group. I noticed one thing immediately about them- they always had money and were never broke unlike so many other students in school who operated a 0-1-0 eating formular just to survive.
 I found out the secret some time later when I became part of the group. Bibi and her friends dated only men who were very rich, mostly millionaires and the powerful men around. They did not have time for any one without money and steered clear of their fellow male students as if they had an infectious disease.
 "Who has time for those losers," Bibi would say with a hiss whenever a male student expressed interest in her.
  With time, I joined their group and began making money. My lifestyle changed and so many other things as well. My parents who were normal, hardworking people never suspected what I was doing at school. My father worked as a top executive in a company for many years before he retired some years ago. He provided well for the family, paid my school fees and those of my other siblings on time and was generally a good father.
 Coming from such a middle-class background, why would I be doing 'runs' and hustling on campus, you might wonder. Greed, insatiable desire for the good things of life, peer pressure, love of fun? Any of those things could have been responsible for what I became.
 Anyway, after graduating, we took our game to a much higher level. With the help of Madam Clara, a woman who is into arranging young girls for top politicians, businessmen and the like in town, we began to move in really top circles. While our mates were going around searching for jobs, Bibi, the other girls and I were living the good life. I made so much money in such a short time that I was able to build my first house within two years after leaving school which I rent out. I have a fleet of exotic cars and wear only designer clothes and accessories.
 I kept the house a secret from my parents and other family members. I knew my parents would have heart attacks if they ever guessed the kind of 'work' I was doing. So, I have been very careful in hiding things from them. I'm almost completing my second building and that too is a secret. 
 I live a double life. By day I'm this angelic looking, respectable lady and by night I hustle for a living.
 I'm alone in the city as my parents have relocated to our home town. I've told them I'm working in the Nigerian branch of a multinational, financial institution and I'm well paid. As for the well furnished duplex in a classy part of town where I live, I tell them it's my official accommodation which comes with the job.
 The real 'job' which I'm doing though is completely different from the fake one my family believe occupies my time.
 It's the job that has brought me to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory on this rainy day to meet with a man we have nicknamed 'Moneybags' because of his stupendous wealth. The job, which was organised by Bibi is worth a couple of millions. Not bad for a few hours work!
 We get paid handsomely and also get a chance to make some top connections. What's not to like?

To be continued

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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