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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Deadly Mistake (2)

Dani thought he could accomplish everything as he had planned, but the unexpected happened which caught him unawares. His friend Paul, could not stand what he was doing to Rachel. 
“This is wickedness. What if Rachel was my sister or somebody I know, would I fold my arms and watch someone destroy her life this way?” he asked himself.
“I have to look for a way to tell Rachel before it's too late for her. She has not done anything wrong to deserve this treatment from Dani,” he said. He was forced by guilt to reveal the whole truth to Rachel; this he did through another person who directed her to the house where Dani kept his other wife and children.

 As Rachel sat in her rented car with the man who was able to convince her to come with him to the place where Dani was keeping his wife, she was very certain that it was not her own husband the man was referring to. She trusted Dani so much, seeing him as a saint. However, she followed the man because he asked her to pay him after the service, after he had completed his mission.

  “Look, Mister, we have spent almost the whole day here and the man you claimed to be my husband is yet to surface. Are you sure you are not mistaking him for another person?” Rachel asked the man. 
 “Madam, don’t worry, he will surely come out. I have been coming here for the past five days…” Before the man could finish speaking, Rachel was shocked by what was before her. Her Dani, the love of her life, the man that gave her his last name, her world was with another woman and children. The shock made her pass out.

 She was admitted at the hospital for days before she was discharged. On getting home from the hospital, Dani was still not back from the other woman’s house. However, he came back two days later and Rachel welcomed him but he noticed that her behavior towards him had changed.
 “Women with their monthly stress, she will get over it,” he told himself.
 “How was your trip?” she queried. "I really missed you,” she lied. 
 “Me too. I was dying to be with you and my days and nights at the village were so lonely,” he stated.

  "What are we having for dinner? I’m hungry and can’t wait to eat your food and have you all through the night,” he stated.  
"Oh! My Dani is hungry! Well, I have rice for you. What do you want to eat first, me or the food?" she asked. 
 “Of course I want you first, I have been longing to be with you but I have to eat because once I start, I won’t want to stop,” he stated.
 That night and other days that followed, Amanda tried to be as calm as possible. She tried to play along with him in order to investigate the situation properly before acting. After one month, she discovered that her husband was not only married to the woman she saw the other time with three children but was building a house somewhere. 

  “I have been a fool all these years by thinking that someone like Dani could get married to someone like me without having other plans in mind. I can’t let him take away everything I have worked for,” she swore to herself. She succeeded in getting the documents of the house he was building without him knowing about it and changed the owner’s name to hers. She also discovered that he had about fifty million Naira in his bank account. 

  “I will get everything that belongs to me back. Where did he get all this money from if not from me because he has never lifted a finger since I got married to him,” she noted.
She revealed herself to the other woman and showed her the photographs of her traditional marriage with Dani because the woman didn’t believe her when she told her what he had been up to.

 The confrontation
 When she got home that evening from the visit to the other woman, Dani was at home waiting for her. As he was about to hug her and kiss her as he usually did, he didn’t see it coming when she slapped him so hard that he almost fell down. Placing his hand where the slap landed, he asked her what the problem was. 

 “Ingrate!” she shouted, “That is what you are! I thought you were a human being, but I have come to realize that I fell in love with a monster." 
 “Rachel darling, what is it, why are acting this way? Why are you calling me that? What is the problem?” he asked, not knowing that the bubble had bust.
 “Devil! You thought I would never find out? So, you were using my money, my hard earned money to build a house for those wretched children of yours and that nonentity you call a wife!" 

 As she spoke, Dani wished he was dreaming: “I will repent from my wicked ways if l ever wake up from this nightmare,” he thought, 'How did she find out and who told her?' 
 He tried to calm her down as he always did but she was so angry that she paid no attention to him. 
 “Please Rachel, it is the handiwork of the devil,” he pleaded.
 “You think you can eat my money and get away with it just by pleading? Idiot!” she yelled.  “Rachel, please, I can correct my mistakes. I accept I was wrong for deceiving you...” he stated. 

  “So you knew you were deceiving mehow come you could get the other woman pregnant and couldn’t get me pregnant for eight years of our marriage? Three children with her and I didn’t get pregnant for once!" she raved.
 Donald continued to plead, crying like a child while Rachel kept shouting at him. After a while, she broke down in tears and cried along with her errant husband. Later, they made up and he made love to her.

 “How could you do this to me?" she asked him sometime later that night. “You have never loved me but kept on lying to me. I gave you everything and you took my love for granted. What will people say when they find out? What will my parents say because they warned me not to marry you; they told me that you were too young and a good-for-nothing who wants my money but I did not listen to them because I was desperate to get married and now look at my life!"
 They continued living together as before as if nothing had happened. That was until one day some weeks later when Rachel confided in Eve, a friend of hers from her secondary school days who came to pay her a visit at her office.

  “Eve, I am doomed! Dani has ruined my life!” she lamented. She narrated to her friend what her husband had done. “Dani has another wife with three boys and they are staying in Warri.   “My God! Are you serious,” Eve shouted adding: “Who told you and how did you get to know about it?”
 “My sister, this is what I’m going through now and I don’t know what to do about the whole situation,” she confessed. 
“Where is he now?” Eve asked.
 “Still living in my house,” she said.

  “You mean you allowed him to remain in your house after what he has done to you?” she asked in shock. 
“What will I do; I still love him and if I send him away which man will want a divorcee in his life?” Amanda said wearily.
 “You’re mad,” Eve shouted at her, annoyed, “Are you sure he has not cast a spell on you and you are there saying you still love him? Wait until he sends you to your early grave before you take action, nonsense,” she said, hissing.
 “What can I do? I don’t know what to do, please advise," she begged, and her friend said: 
 “Okay, I will get back to you with my plans so that the gold-digger will learn the lesson of his life,” she stated.

 Dani, who loved clubbing was at a niteclub one night when Rachel and Eve carried out their plan. The place was raided by some policemen who were employed by both ladies to blackmail Dani and lock him up in prison. The officers, richly settled with plenty of money carried out their operation, diligently and Dani was arrested with some people. While these were later released, he was not. He was accused of selling hard drugs in the club, possession of firearms and other trumped up charges. He was sentenced to twenty years in prison without the privilege of contacting his family members or a lawyer.
Rachel never went there to visit him throughout his prison term. She forged his signature and emptied his bank account. His other wife got married to another man when she didn’t hear from him for two years. 

Was Rachel's revenge on Dani too harsh or did he deserve it? Readers' feedback are welcome!

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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