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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Agony of a second wife (2)

I stared warily at Frank's visibly angry wife, mentally preparing myself for a 'battle royale'. But the woman ignored me, instead focusing all her anger on her husband.
 "Frank, is that all you can say? I catch you in the act with your girlfriend and you say I'm disturbing you? The last time I checked, I'm still your wife and we are still married! As your wife, I cannot put up this!"

"Well, you know what to do if you can't cope with the situation. Just get out! And leave me alone!"
To that, she retorted:
"I should leave you alone, abi? So, you can have the freedom to go around carrying anything in skirts! Well, I'm going nowhere! I'm your wife, the mother of your only child! You can't kick me out! Never!" No way....!" 

Frank, who seemed to be getting more worked up by the minute, fired back at her and soon, a full-blown quarrel ensured.
As the quarrel between the two intensified, I quietly left Frank's lap and picking up my bag, headed for the door. But the woman, sighting me, blocked my path.
"And you, where do you think you are going? Stay o! Since we are now mates and are sharing the same man! Stay so I can tell you what this man really is- a chronic womaniser! You are feeling cool now because you think he loves you. Well, listen up girl! He will only use you and dump you like he did to all the others! You think you are the first mistress he has kept? I feel sorry for you! I will advise you to go and look for your own man and leave my husband alone. Little bitch! Ashawo! Husband snatcher!" she screamed at me. She continued to rant and pour more invectives on me, ignoring Frank's words to her 'to shut the hell up!'

I did not reply her and at last, I succeeded in getting away from her and left the office hurriedly. It was not that I could not withstand her if it came to a verbal or physical combat that I left. I just did not want to create any scene that would embarrass my Frank. So, I let 'sleeping dogs lie' and went my way. 
Later that evening, Frank came to see me at my workplace. He was full of apologies about his wife's behaviour, assuring me that there would never be a repeat of the incident.

"You see why I don't like going home? She's so quarrelsome and aggressive, always spoiling for a fight," he grumbled as we sat in his car outside the hospital gate.
Turning to me, he took my hand in his and said: 
"One of the things I like about you is that you are so cool and calm. Some other girls would have stayed and fought with her! But you walked away. Thanks, love," he stated, kissing me on the cheek.
It was on our next date that he told me about his wife and the state of his marriage.

"We are having serious problems in our home right now," he said. The problem, he explained had to do with her inability to have more children.
"Sometime ago, she had a serious health problem and her womb had to be removed. Now, I want more children ,especially sons and she can't give me that. It's really frustrating!"
sympathised with him.
"I'm really sorry to hear that," I said with some sincerity.
"Thanks, sweetheart," he replied.
Sometime later, he said something that really surprised me:

"I love you Nicole and I want you in my life. Always. As soon as you get pregnant, I will marry you," he promised. I was really taken aback by his proposal. I knew Frank loved me, but not to the extent of marrying me. And what about his wife of eight years, I wondered. What was he going to do about her? I was not too keen on being a second wife and knowing my parents, especially my mum, they would not be in support as well.
But Frank allayed my fears, saying: "Don't worry about my wife. I will take care of it. So, leave it to me. Just give me a child, especially a son, and you will see what I will do for you."

Baby news
I believed and trusted Frank and based on that and the love I had for him, I decided to give him what he wanted. I got pregnant, about three months later and when I broke the news to Frank, he was so happy, he was like a man who had won the lottery!
"Wow!" That's great news!" he stated excitedly. He immediately began making plans for my delivery.

"Nothing must happen to my boy. So, you will be going to the U.K for the birth later," he declared as he fondly caressed my tummy.
"Boy? What makes you think it's a boy? I've not even done a scan!" I said, smiling.
"Who needs a scan? From the shape of your tummy, I can tell it's a boy," he said. I laughed, feeling happy at the way things had turned out.

My joy at my baby news was however short lived. When I broke the news to my parents that I was expecting Frank's child, the reaction was not good. My mother expectedly, hit the roof at the news.
"Pregnant you say? You see yourself? So, that's how you will end up, as a second wife! I warned you, but you would not listen. Stupid girl!" she stated angrily.
As for my father, all he was concerned about was that Frank should do the right thing by paying my dowry.
"Dowry ke!" my mother countered. "That's all you are interested in- money! Go ahead! Marry her off to Frank because he is rich! Just count me out of this! I'm not a party to this nonsense," she said, fuming...

What happens next to Nicole? Details later tonight!

To Be Continued...

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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