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Thursday, October 29, 2015

My best friend's husband (3)

All the pent up feelings I had for Eric and which I had suppressed all this while resurfaced. I held him tight as if I did not want to let him go again. That night, Eric did not go home. He stayed at my place, leaving early the next morning.
 That was how my affair with Eric began. You might think I'm a scheming bitch who went after her friend's husband. But it's not true. I never planned it to happen. Granted I had always fancied Eric. I liked him from the first time I set my eyes on him. But I decided to let go when he started dating Patra. 
 After what happened between Eric and I, I felt some guilt, that I was betraying my friend. I made up my mind that it was going to be a one night stand, that I would stay away from Eric for the sake of my friendship with Patra. But it was easier said than done. The moment I set eyes on him again, all my resolve melted and I was back in his arms. The feeling was mutual as Eric too, could not stay away from me.
 From weekend visits, he began to come over during the week. Though I enjoyed his company,  I could see the risk.
 "Don't you think you are coming here too often? At this rate, it won't be long before Patra finds out," I stated one evening. I had returned from work to find him waiting for me by my gate. Upstairs in my apartment, I prepared a quick meal for him and while he was eating, I went to take a shower.
 "Mmm, you smell really good. I like your perfume," he said, coming over to bury his face in my neck. I wriggled out of his embrace and stated: 
 "You've not answered my question. Patra might see you here one of these days and what will you say then?"
 He shrugged before saying:
 "So what? I'm a grown man and I can go anywhere I please. And I like being with you," he said, reaching for me again. I just could not get him to face the situation we were in squarely and I decided to simply go with the flow at least for a while.

 Things went on this way between us without Patra suspecting a thing. I was very careful and never gave a hint of what was going on- that I was dating her husband. On his part, Eric could not be bothered. It was like, he wanted her to know about us. There was a time he came over during the weekend and refused to return home on Sunday evening as we had agreed on. Worse, Patra had called me, complaining about his absence.
 "He said he was going for a business trip and would be back today. It's already six p.m and I have not seen him. I can't even reach him on his phone as it is switched off," she said.
 I reassured her, telling her he would show up soon and not to worry.
 At that moment, Eric was snoring deeply in my bedroom. I went to wake him up, so he could get dressed and return home.
 "What's the rush?" he grumbled, sitting up on the bed. "The day's still young. Let me rest a little; and come and join me. I miss you," he stated, stretching his arms for me but I evaded his embrace.
 "Eric! It's nearly 7 o' clock! You need to go home. Patra is worried about your whereabouts," I told him.
 "That's her problem. I have peace here. Why should I go home to face her nagging and bad attitude. When I'm ready, I'll go. Besides, I thought you liked my being here. Or don't you love me anymore?" he queried.
 "That's not the issue now. Much as I love you and want to be with you, Patra is still my friend and I care about her. I don't know how she will feel if she finds out about us," I noted.
 "Well, forget about your friend for now. Focus on us. So, are you coming to bed or not?" he asked.
 It was obvious, Eric had become quite obsessed with me. He preferred being with me than his wife, stating I made him feel loved and appreciated. I could have taken him from my friend if I had wanted. But I just could not bring myself to do it. We were more than friends- she was like a sister to me so how could I take her husband from her? I knew a time would come when I would have to choose between my happiness, my love for Eric and my relationship with Patra which I cherished a lot. 
 Believe me it was a hard choice. But in the end, I decided to choose friendship over love. So, about six months into the affair, I told Eric we had to end things between us. As I guessed, he did not take it well. He said I could not do that, that he could not live without me.
 "How could you do this to me, Una! I can't do without you. I love you!" he said. He pleaded and begged and for a moment, I almost weakened. I loved Eric and it was killing me that I had to let him go. But it was something I had to do.
 "You can live without me. Afterall, you still have your wife. Go home and resolve things with her. It's over," I said firmly. And with that, I practically had to push him out of my house. He kept calling and sending text messages but I stood firm in my resolve to end things with him. It was hard for me as well as my heart still longed for him. 
 I thought that was the end of the matter until some weeks later when I found out I was pregnant. I am carrying Eric's baby! Something that is supposed to be a thing of joy under normal circumstances is giving me sleepless nights. On one hand, I want to keep the baby since its for the man I love. Then again, since Patra and I are so close, there's no way I can hide the paternity of the baby from her; what will be her reaction when she finds out I'm pregnant for her husband? 
 And what about Eric? What will he do when he learns about the baby which he will eventually do? Will he do something crazy like leaving Patra for me as he had threatened several times? I'm in a real dilemma!
 What should I do? Both about the baby and Eric who still keeps pestering me to come back to him? Should I take him back because of the baby? The mistake has already been made, getting involved and falling in love with my best friend's husband. It was all due to my weakness for Eric. But right now, I need to resolve this issue. So, I'll appreciate readers' advice on the way forward for me. Thank you!

The End!

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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