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Sunday, November 01, 2015

'I caught my husband in bed with his mistress' (5)

  • Now my home is in disarray!
The front door was unlocked and as I stepped into the house, I could hear sounds like loud moans from the direction of our bedroom.
 I opened the door and almost collapsed at the sight that met my eyes- there was my husband, the man who had sworn to love me forever, forsaking others, in my bed with Clarissa! A lady whom he claimed was just a friend! They were entwined like Siamese twins, their moans and cries of passion so loud, they did not hear me come in.
The incidents of that day are imprinted in my memory forever. Try as I could, I can't get rid of the picture of my Kel making love with that stupid woman, Clarissa; driving into her with such powerful thrusts as if possessed of superhuman strength.
I remember screaming at them:
"Kel, what are you doing with this woman, in our bed?"
I expected shame even remorse but all he did was climb off the bed, still erect, pull on his boxers and say in a nonchalant tone:
"What does it look like? And by the way, what are you doing home by this time when you should be at work?"
All this while, the shameless woman still laid on the bed, naked, her large breasts flopping as she turned on her side to glare at me, not even bothering to get up and leave the room. I would have fought her then but I remembered my condition: I was over eight months pregnant and could give birth any day. Despite my distressed state of mind, I knew I had to keep my cool for the baby's sake. So, I instead focused my anger on my husband.
 "So, the casual leave you took from work was so you could be sleeping with that bitch behind my back! Why are you so wicked, Kel? Why are you doing this to me? This was not what you promised! Here I am heavily pregnant and all you could do is be sleeping around with this intruder, a home wrecker! As for you, "I said, turning my attention to Clarissa who was sauntering after Kel as he left the bedroom, "your evil plans to destroy my marriage won't work!  Stupid woman, home breaker! Husband snatcher! Go and look for your own husband and leave mine alone!"
 I continued shouting on them as they left for one of the spare rooms.
  "You are the intruder! You came uninvited and spoilt our fun," was all the wicked Clarissa could say as she walked pass me. They locked themselves inside and refused to come out despite my banging on the door continuously...

 Later, I sat in the living room, weeping profusely, feeling really sorry for myself. Then, after I had calmed down a bit, I called my friend Trina. When she heard what happened, she offered to come to the house to stay with me.
 "So, he's still there, in that room with that woman! Na wa o! What has come over Kel? This is not the same man you dated and courted before your marriage. He has changed so much," she said as we sat talking in the kitchen. 
 "That is what I'm seeing in this house. I've not known peace for a day since this strange woman came. And today was the climax- catching both of them in my bed. Imagine the betrayal. This is a man who promised to love and cherish me forever, treating me this way, "I said sadly, close to tears again.
 "I feel really bad for you. You have to take it easy because of your condition. This thing must have been going on between them for sometime but God wanted to expose them today," she stated, before adding: "So, what are you going to do now?"
 I shrugged helplessly.
 "What can I do? I can't fight her. Look at my tummy! I've to think of my baby's safety," I replied.
 "But this can't continue! Dating her is bad enough, but doing it under your nose in your own bed is terrible. It shows he doesn't have any respect for you as his wife. I think you need to report the situation to his parents. Someone needs to talk some sense into his thick head," she suggested.
 Some hours later, Trina and I were in the living room watching a programme on TV when Kel and Clarissa emerged from the room. 
"We are going out. Ensure you prepare some food for us on our return," said Kel, his arm around his lover's waist.
 Trina gave me a shocked look after they had gone, stating:
 "This is terrible! What kind of husband behaves this way? So irresponsible!"

 Out on the streets
I took my friend's advice and reported Kel to his family. The following weekend, his parents summoned us to their home for a meeting. When asked why he brought in his girlfriend Clarissa into his matrimonial home, he had this to say:
 "I'm not denying bringing a woman into our home. But she caused it," said Kel, giving me a baleful look.
 His parents, some uncles and cousins who were at the meeting, all looked at him askance.
 He continued speaking.
 "Ask her when was the last time she allowed me to touch her. Over six months ago! Am I a piece of wood? I'm a man for God's sakes!" he stated angrily.
 "Nobody is disputing that, that as a man you need a woman. But it's wrong of you to bring the lady in question into your home. How do you think your wife will feel?" 
 "I don't bloody care how she feels! She only thinks of herself and her needs and doesn't care about me. I never knew when I marred her that she's so selfish, stubborn and wicked!" he noted with a hiss.
 "And you are an angel, abi? You should be ashamed of yourself acting the way you do with that prostitute girlfriend of yours! Stupid fool!" I fired back at him furiously.
 "Did you hear her? You see how rude she is, talking to her husband so disrespectfully! You people should warn her or I will beat some sense into her, not minding her condition!" he threatened.
 Later, after things had quietened down, Kel's father put down his judgement, that Kel, for the sake of peace in our home and marriage, should send Clarissa out of the house immediately.
 "Jessica here, is the one we know as your wife. You brought her here to us that she's the girl you want to marry. We don't know this other woman you have brought into your home. Send her away so peace can reign in your home again," he ordered. He was supported by nearly all the other family members.
 I was very happy at the way things turned out and I looked forward to regaining my home and husband from Clarissa's clutches. My joy was however, short lived. On getting back home that day after the family meeting, I expected Kel to send the woman packing as he had been instructed to. Instead, I was the one he threw out of the house!
 "You are not even afraid! You have the guts to go and report me to my family! It's like you are tired of this marriage. So, I will make it easy for you- just pack and go! Take your stuff and get out of my house and my life!" he said as he threw my suitcases and bags out of the house.
 My pleadings with him to reconsider at least for the sake of the baby, were ignored by him. 
  I stood forlorn, among my belongings in the courtyard, my heart heavy with bitterness, anger and regret...
 Later, my brother came to pick me to my parents home. It was there I had my baby, Henry who is the spitting image of his father. Kel never showed up throughout my stay in the hospital; my baby is over a year old now and he has only seen him once, during the baby's christening and dedication in the church.
I feel traumatised by my marital woes, the breakdown of my marriage with Kel less than four years after we tied the knot. My family have been so supportive. I don't know what I would have done without them. Trina and other friends, have been strong pillars of support. 
I heard Kel's father and other family members have given him an ultimatum to take me and the baby back home. As far as I'm concerned, they are acting on their own. I don't feel too good living in my father's house at my age and a married woman with a child. But it's better here where I have peace (and no beatings) than being with Kel and face all the horrible things I saw in his house.
Or what do you think? Should I go back to Kel or not? Readers' comments are welcome!

The End

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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