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Saturday, October 31, 2015

'I caught my husband in bed with his mistress' (3)

  • Now my home is in disarray!
Kel came back from work one day, looking very sad. When I asked him what the problem was, he was silent for sometimes, not saying anything.
"Honey, what's wrong? You have been so quiet since you came home. You barely answered my greeting," I said when I followed him to the bedroom. 
"There's no problem," he replied brusquely, taking off his shirt and going into the bathroom. Later, after he had eaten and was relaxing in front of the TV he opened up a bit, stating that it was some issues he had in the office that was bothering him. 
"We lost a huge IT contract to a rival company and my Chairman is mad at everybody," he said.
"That's too bad, dear. Don't worry too much about it. I bet another one will come," I said reassuringly. I went to sit besides him on the couch and cuddled up to him, placing my head on his shoulder.
"Thanks, love. I felt really bad because we put in so much effort for us to get the job, but all was in vain," Kel stated glumly.
"As I said, everything will be alright. Another one will come," I said. We watched a popular soap opera on TV for a while before retiring to bed.
Due to the experience I had with my last pregnancy, I was very careful this time around. I avoided things that might pose as a risk such as doing strenuous things like the doctor advised.
That night in bed, when my husband wanted to make love to me, I pushed him away gently, giving the baby as an excuse. By then, I was about six months pregnant.
It did not go down well with Kel who grumbled about being denied his marital rights. 
"This is the second time you are pushing me away this week. How long will you deny me sex?" he said irritatingly. 
"It's for the sake of the baby, Kel. I don't want to lose this one too," I explained.
"Excuses, excuses! That's all you ever give," he grumbled. He turned his back on me and soon I could hear him snoring softly.

The contract
Two months later, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when Kel came home from work. He was earlier than usual and I could see a glint in his eyes that he normally had when he had great news to tell.
It turned out his company was involved in a bidding for a contract with a major Telecoms outfit in the country.
"It's the same company where your Uncle Thomas is a director," he announced. Uncle Thomas was one of my late mother's brothers. He was quite wealthy and had been very good to my siblings and I after our Mum's death.
"That's good. I pray you will win this one. God will use this contract to compensate for the last one you lost," I prayed.
"Thanks for your prayers, dear. But we also need your Uncle's support to facilitate things for us," he said.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
He shrugged.
"Well, since he is one of the directors, we could meet him to put in a word for my company; that will definitely give us an edge over our competitors," he said.
I shook my head before stating:
"I don't think it's a good idea. You know how Uncle Thomas is; he is a very strict and straight forward man and likes following the proper procedures when doing things especially when it comes to official matters. Remember what happened to Mike," I stated. Mike was one of my brothers who had applied for a job in my Uncle's company to fill some vacancies. Despite Uncle Thomas's position in the company, Mike did not get the job, much to his annoyance. Later, on being asked why his nephew had failed to secure the job, my uncle had explained that he did not perform up to the required standard the company demanded.
'The fact that he is my nephew is not an automatic license for his getting a job in the company. He failed in the interview. Period,' he had told me bluntly back then.
"So, dear, I don't think you should put too much hope on my uncle for his assistance. The best thing is to ensure your company puts in a strong bid and with luck on your side, you will win the contract," I said.
But Kel still persisted on going through Uncle Thomas, stating that the contract was too important to leave to chance.  "We really need to win this contract. The Chairman has given us a mandate to do all it takes to win it and if that includes seeing your uncle over it, then we have to do that. He has even promised to make me the M.D of the company if we clinch the contract. You know the present M.D will be leaving us soon. So, dear, let's meet Uncle Thomas, ok?"  I was still not convinced but not to make it look as if I did not want to help, I conceded to his demand. 

As I had predicted, Uncle Thomas was unwilling to involve himself in the bidding process, stating ethical reasons.  "We have foreign affiliations and our bidding process follows the high standard of our foreign partners. So, I cannot influence it. Besides, I believe in fairplay for all the parties involved in the bid. Jessica, you should have explained the situation to your husband, that it's something I can't do. If you are lucky to win the bid, then I can help with facilitating payment of the money or anything to do with the execution of the contract. But till then, all I can do is wish you goodluck," he said with finality. Kel was unhappy with my Uncle's stance, believing it was selfish on his part not to assist him, his niece's husband.
 I tried to pacify him, stating that his company might get the job considering the strong bid they had put in. Unfortunately, my optimism was misplaced. Kel's company lost the bid to a rival. That evening when he came home from work, he looked furious and barely acknowledged my greeting on entering the house. He blamed the loss of the contract on my uncle, pointing out that if he had put in a little effort on his behalf, the contract would have been theirs. "Your Uncle is such a wicked person. A simple thing to do to help a family member is too much for him. What kind of man is that? Selfish bastard!" he stated angrily. I took exception to his calling my uncle names over a matter that he had no control over and when I told Kel that, he got even angrier. This led to a full blown quarrel between us, one of the biggest quarrels since our marriage. "Stop blaming my Uncle for your failure! There was nothing he could do about the bid and he explained it to you. The man is innocent. And stop calling him names! He's not your mate, remember?" I said equally angry. "So, are you now calling me a failure? How dare you!" he shouted at me. He then slapped me and grabbed my neck in a vice choke. I tried to scream, struggling to extricate myself from his grip but it was nearly impossible as he was much stronger than me. Then, abruptly, he flung me against the wall and I slid to the floor. I must have fainted for when I woke up, I was in...

To be continued

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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