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Saturday, October 31, 2015

'I caught my husband in bed with his mistress' (2)

  • Now my home is in disarray!
That weekend, Kel took me to a fun spot on Victoria Island. It was an open air restaurant in a secluded area by the lagoon front, popular for its spicy, barbecued chicken and other delicacies. After placing our order, we sat taking in the cool breeze from the lagoon and admiring the view.
"Nice place," I said as I watched some speed boats racing on the choppy waters of the lagoon.
"Yes. My friends and I hang out here once in a while. Since you like it, we will be coming here more often," Kel stated.
Soon, the food arrived and we concentrated on eating and chatting. 
"The chicken is so delicious! Soft and succulent too," I enthused as I bit into a chicken wing.
"I was told its a secret recipe only known to the owner of this place," disclosed Kel.
"He had better guard it well or he will lose a lot of business if someone else gets to know the recipe," I remarked.
Just then an acquaintance of Kel came over to say hello. Soon after he left, we finished the meal and were preparing to leave when a lady came over with a small gift bag. She handed it to me stating:
"Someone said I should give this to you."
I looked at her and the parcel.
"What is it? Who gave it to you?" I queried. I did not know anyone there and wondered who could be sending gifts to me.
"Why don't you open it and let's see what's inside," Kel said encouragingly.
 Inside the bag was a small wrapped gift which I brought out and opened. A diamond- encrusted sparkling ring nestled inside the small jewel case; besides it was a small note with the words: 'Baby, will you marry me?"
I looked up quickly at Kel who was smiling broadly at me.
"Kel!" I said excitedly, jumping up. He rose, took my hand and repeated the words in the note.
I nodded my head, saying: "Yes, darling! I'll marry you!" he hugged and kissed me briefly then, unmindful of the other customers around who were looking at us in an amused manner...

"Wow, lovely ring! Jessy, you are so lucky. Congrats o!" said Trina as she admired the ring on my return home that night.
"Thanks, my sister. I just can't believe I'm engaged to be married. Kel really surprised me," I said happily.
"It's not a surprise to me. That man really loves you. As I said, you are a lucky lady. I wish I could get someone like Kel," stated Trina. She had been engaged about a year before but things had not worked out between her and her fiancé.
"Don't worry; God will bring your man, specially made for you," I reassured her.
"Amen o! Better guy o! Not all these 'chop and clean mouth' types that are all over the place now who are just looking for who to use and dump!" she said.
As I gazed at the ring in admiration, I knew Trina was right: I was lucky to have a man like Kel who cared about me and cherished me so much.
"I love you, Jessica. I promise to always be there for you, to be your shield and to protect you. As long as we are together, I will make sure you never lack. I'll take care of you and love you forever," Kel had stated earlier that evening after his surprising proposal.
I believed and trusted him and gave all my heart and soul to him. But who can tell what lurks deep in a man's mind? Or fathom what he will be like tomorrow? Only time can unravel that mystery and time did just that to me.

Our engagement was a short one. Within five months of Kel's proposal, we got married in a very classy ceremony at my family church. My father had remarried three years before; though my step mum and I did not get along that well, she stood in and played the role of my late mother during the marriage proceedings.
It was a very happy period for Kel and I. In the early days of our marriage, he lived up to his promises and was very caring and loving. About six months after the wedding, I found out I was pregnant. Kel was over the moon when I broke the news to him.
"So, I'm going to be a father again," he said with a wide grin when he arrived home from work that evening.
"Yes, dear. I got the result of the test this afternoon at the hospital. I have an appointment with the doctor next week," I told him.
"Ok. I will go with you. You know I will do anything for you, dear," he said hugging me tightly.
  I nodded, at that instant feeling very happy and contented. My joy however was not to last. The pregnancy was about five months old when I woke up one morning in a pool of blood. Kel, who left home very early for work, had already gone out and I was alone in the house. With the assistance of a neighbour, I was able to get to the hospital where I was admitted.
I felt terrible losing my baby. I had so looked forward to the birth and becoming a mother. I wept bitterly, wondering why such a thing could happen to me. I had been attending antenatal classes regularly and there had been no sign of a problem. So, why this, I wondered. Or was it something I had done?
"These things happen. Anything can go wrong with a pregnancy even with the best care," the doctor had stated when he came to check up on me.
To be fair to him, Kel, my husband was very supportive at this trying time. He was at the hospital regularly throughout the period of my admission and even when I had returned home. I took some time off from work to recuperate and Trina often came to spend time with me.
"You look so pale. Are you eating well at all?" she asked one day when she had come visiting.
"You better talk to her. I've been telling her to eat all day but she says she doesn't have any appetite," said Kel.
"You need to eat to recover. What has happened can't be undone. Life has to go on. You are still young and will have more babies in the future," Trina stated. She then went to the kitchen and prepared some noodles for me which she forced me to eat.
With their care and support, I was able to recover and was back at work a few weeks later. My husband and I put the incident behind us and got on with our lives. Then, five months later, I got pregnant again. Though, I was happy at the good news, it also marked a turning point in our lives that brought unexpected occurrences I never envisaged...

To be continued

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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